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How to train your Labrador puppy?


How to train your Labrador puppy?


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puppy training

Labradors can be very fun loving dogs to keep at home as pets. Sports Marketing . Not only that but they are also used in the police force to pick up scents thanks to their very strong sense of smell. Labradors must be amongst the easiest dogs to train because of their friendly demeanor.

Well you may be the proud new owner of a Labrador puppy but you have absolutely no idea how to train him. This is where you turn to Labrador dog training tips, only in this case you are training a puppy. In real sense, Labrador puppies are difficult to train because of their overzealousness and their excitement. Contact Customer Care . When it comes to Labrador dog training, the most important tip that is essential for you to learn is to house train your puppy.

Because they are young, lab puppies take care of their business when and where they feel the urge. This can be annoying if they happen to do it in your favorite pair of shoes or even on the new carpet. When you apply Labrador dog training it is important that you do not hit your puppy in as much as you may want to. If you spot them trying to do their business in the house carry them outside into the yard and let them do it in the yard. There is a high chance that they are likely to go back into the yard to relieve themselves again because they tend to follow that scent. As you continue practicing Labrador dog training tips you will realize that your puppy will be letting itself into the yard when it wants to relieve itself.

The manner in which you approach Labrador dog training is very important. These puppies respond best when you use a reward giving non- violent way. This is because Labrador puppies love to be praised and when they do something you approve of, it is important that you praise them. The more you praise them, the more they’ll want to do what they know pleases you.

Labrador dog training will also suggest that you use a social gathering for your puppy. Letting him learn in an environment where there are others puppies and people will make him more social. The basic commands which require them to sit or stay will be much easier for them to learn as they appear to be more responsive in such situations.

Another Labrador dog training tip would be to teach your puppy to walk beside you instead of in front of you. You should teach them to do this both on a leash and without one. You should also know that these puppies tend to be over affectionate so during your Labrador dog training sessions teach your puppy not to jump on strangers as some may get frightened.

Labrador dog training sessions should also been done within the minimal time possible because of the fact that puppies tend to have a short attention span and are likely to get bored. Also have fun and play with your puppy from time to time as that is what they like best.

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