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Chihuahua Training Your Next Step


 Chihuahua Training Your Next Step

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Dog Training

Chihuahua Training - To not hit the roof when your training seems to hit a dead end is important – give your Chi some time to come around, which it eventually will, provided you persist. Yet another point to remember when training your Chihuahua is that they are quite delicate. While most species of dogs need a leash during the training phase of their lives, Chis are likely to end up with broken bones if you ever try to chain it or give it an unsuitable dog collar. Brittle joints make it necessary for you to exercise caution when around your Chi, and lashing out at the tiny creature in a fit of rage is destructive.

Most people live with the misconception that a Chihuahua does not require extensive chihuahua training and that it is a quiet creature that serves as a high-end accessory. They could not be farther from the truth. Though diminutive in appearance, they are powerhouses of energy and are aggressive. Ill tempered by nature a lot of training goes into making a Chi calm, sociable and friendly. Another drawback with working with a Chi is that they often place their trust in only one person, and discipline classes are therefore cannot be considered while weighing options available for Chihuahua training. Also, the natural disposition of Chihuahuas makes the untrained ones hazardous for kids aged below ten.

Chihuahua training is not a task for those wanting will power. It has been observed that Chis are clever beings and try every trick inside and outside the book to escape a training session. Being assertive and authoritative is important in your chihuahua training in order to establish the boss between the two of you (you and your Chi), as a pampered Chi is bound to walk over you. Making clear that the Chi will not get its way all the time and having the little one understand that stubbornness is a battle you will win, will ease subsequent training sessions.

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