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What Age To Start Training Your Labrador Retriever

 What Age To Start Training Your Labrador Retriever

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Alot of people asked this question when is the right time to start a new Labrador retriever pup is or seems to be a rumor circulating that you have to wait until put 10 to 12 weeks and that’s completely untrue ,hhe best time to start training your Labrador retriever pup is the day you bring home and there are lots of classes available depending on your area for what they call puppy kindergarten and I highly suggest you get your pup signed up right away.

The puppy kindergarten class is normally a six-week class designed to take pups as early as six weeks to 12 weeks and is a great thing to do with your new Labrador retriever pup as it teaches you the proper the proper way to be teaching in handling your young pup.

It’s very easy to to start out with your puppy and train bad behaviors starting at a very young age because that are so small and cute you allow them to do things that will be completely unappropriate for an adult dog. Everyone does the same thing they want to wrestle with their pups let them by your hands play with things that they shouldn’t because let’s face it there so damn cute, but as your Labrador retriever grows to be an adult these behaviors will be problematic and make it hard to train your dog later.

What age to start training your Labrador retriever, Labrador retrievers are very intelligent dogs and their eager to please and love to learn new things to giving your young pup something to do in the proper praise for doing good at an early age can make your life a lot easier.

These kindergarten classes are just as much for your new pup is a are for you to learn and they teach you the basics of leash handling sit heal come and also give your young puppy great socialization with other dogs and owners. This this fact alone is reason enough to sign up for a kindergarten right away.

Thing I really noticed by taking my young pup to puppy kindergarten was how much easier it was to train further down the line as the puppies always are ready knew the basics the and and wouldn’t jump up knew how to sit heal come and stay already and they were miles ahead of the rest of the class as a been doing it for six weeks already before we join the regular obedience classesif you have the young Labrador retriever pup you think it’s too early to start formal training is nothing can be further than the truth and every day that you’re not working with your dogs and teaching them what’s right and wrong the longer it will take to get them back on track.

In finding a good puppy kindergarten for a new Labrador retriever pup make sure you go to a certified trainer as a will also help you overcome any other small issues with your do your dogs behavior and temperance which if you get a handle on early will never be a problem in the future.

Just a word of warning before you go sign up for the classes make sure your dogs have all their shots and are in good health before signing up for these classes and a good class will insist to see that all the dogs within the class have had their booster shots and if you are not requested to show proof do not take your dog there take the time to find somewhere better than just stricter on the policies for their pups in their training programs.

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