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Labrador Dog Training Tips

Labrador Dog Training Tips 

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Dog Training

Labradors are fun dogs to have. They are energetic, loving, gentle and have very powerful senses of smell. Because of this they can be used for both home use and used for police investigations. Because of their energetic behavior and attitude, it is important for the owner to be equipped with Labrador dog training tips to ensure that they train their dogs well.

There are many Labrador dog training tips that you can pick out to ensure your dog remains well mannered. Some of them have been listed below;

House training- this is the first lesson that a Labrador has to learn. It has to know that its business is done outside in the yard and not in your house. If it is a puppy then this lesson may be a little harder to teach as puppies tend to pee anywhere at any time. Fossil Watches . The Labrador dog training tips that you must use here is to pick up your dog as soon as it does its business and take it outside. It will eventually learn to make its way out of the house when it wants to do its business. Once it’s done its business outside the house, it is important that you praise him for it.

Obedience- with this kind of Labrador dog training, it is important that you hire a dog obedience instructor. The instructor will also help you in learning how to teach your dog to obey you and what techniques you can use to make it obey you.

Consistency- it is important for you to train your dog with a set timetable. Credit . It will also adapt to that and will know which times are meant for it to be taught. However even as you incorporate Labrador dog training it is important that you remember to have some fun from time to time. Dogs do have somewhat of a short attention span.

Discipline- in as much as you might enforce Labrador dog training and gather a few tips here and there, there will be a time when your dog will frustrate the living daylights out of you but it is important that you do not lash out at your dog. If he does something you do not appreciate look in straight in the eye and give him a big ‘no’. Whatever he does, do not hit him as you will only serve to hurt him but not teach him.

Praise him- when it comes to Labrador dog training, nothing does it better than to praise your dog. Labradors respond well to praise and if they do something and are praised for it, they are likely to do it again knowing that you like it.

An added tip would be to train your dog on how to swim. Affiliate Tracking . The fact that they have webbed feet enables them to paddle well. During your Labrador dog training sessions, you can pick out a warm day and teach your dog how to swim.