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How To Stop My Labrador Retriever From Barking


 How To Stop My Labrador Retriever From Barking

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One of the most common questions I get asked from Labrador retriever owners is how to  start my lab from barking and it seems that a lot of people have problems with their  overexcited dogs constantly barking and get very frustrated with her dogsthere are many ways to stop your Labrador retriever from barking and many different training aids such as specialized dog collars to help you with these problems but before going to these more advanced methods there are some simple things that you should be trying first before running out and buying one of these collars for your dog.

How to stop Labrador retrievers from barking.

A lot of the reason your Labrador retrievers barking as of these probably hearing something that he feels is a threat to you and the family and he wants to let you know now that may not be a true threat may be the sound of the dog barking down the street or even a car driving by that can set your dog off in the easiest way to solve this is to go out with your dog on leash and simply address the barking issue whenever he or she starts barking.

What I do with my labs if they’re consistently barking all the time at just the local sounds of the neighborhood as I go outside at night a dog on a collar and leash and sit in the dark with dog when the dog hears something and starts to barker growl I corrected behavior the quick tug on the leash and saying “enough” in a stern voice and comfort the dog saying it’s okay. I continue doing this for at least an hour night and I do the same thing in the daytimeuntil he of the the dog starts to feel comfortable with the noises around the neighborhood and stops responding.

You will find that this should eliminate a lot of the constant barking as once you’ve reassured the dog of the local sounds in your neighborhood that there okay and not to be concerned about your dog will become more comfortable at home and tend to bark less.

You have to remember at all times that your dog is a canine and canines rely on a pack structure to teach them what is wrong and right and us as the owner are also the pack leaders in our dogs look to us for guidance on how they are supposed to respond and by us being comfortable with the sounds around and telling them the appropriate behavior that they need to do will help your dog relax a lot and hopefully help with your barking problem.

It is not good just to yell at your dog whenever it barks as unless you can and address the behavior before it starts or the time animal hears the sound for the first time yelling at it does no good and also to heighten the problem is your dog also feel that discontent in your voice also adding to its actual pack instinct to protect you from what is now causing you to yell.

The best way to stop a Labrador retriever from barking is the direct approach and should always be done on lead so you can directly respond to when the dog starts barking and tell the dog the behavior you expect them to do.

A lot of the time you will need to build your dog’s confidence make it feel comfortable in its home surroundings and spend the time to solve these problems one-on-one working with the animal confronting its fears and building confidence.

No dog training should be undertaken half assed if you want results you’re going to have to work at it and build the relationship with your pack as your dog needs leadership and guidance from its pack leader.

I know a lot of you may not have the time or too busy with you daily lives and just want the problems solved is your dog is driving you nuts and probably also your neighbors but is unfair to start using the training aids such as shock collars or

citronella collars on your dog unless you’ve given the hundred percent effort at these other methods before punishing your dog with such tools.

Anti-barking collars and other tools can be used but only after you have exhausted every other option and only should believe used as a last resort as of this on humane and unfair to the dog.

Remember your dog is a member of your pack and need your guidance and instruction for everything it does in life and to not set up these boundaries with your dog is doing an injustice to your  Labrador retriever.

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