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Why Should I Train My Labrador Retriever?

 Why Should I Train My Labrador Retriever?

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Dog Training

The biggest achievement of training your Labrador retriever is the establishment of you as the alpha dog and her as the follower. She then knows that she must listen and obey your commands in order to attain and keep her position in human society. A well trained Lab opens a gateway for communication between you, her, and society as a whole.

From your Lab’s POV it’s to her advantage that she learn the behavior and attitudes expected of her and acceptable in human society. She’ll only learn this when properly trained and taught by a human. YOU! As her owner you are responsible for her life in this plain of existence.

What’ll happen if you don’t train your Lab? Well, she wont have an established role in human society and not know what is expected of her. This will lead to her use of natural instincts such as digging, barking excessively, humping, howling, and licking. Your untrained dog will make a nuisance of herself and add to the anti-dog sentiment. That sentiment is that thought some people have similar to ‘Get that beast away from me!’ For your friendly and loving Lab this is the last thing it wants and shouldn’t be something you want either. The dog lovers’ of the world will also turn their back to you as they simply have no tolerance or appreciation for either anti-dog attitudes or untrained dogs. You don’t want to be THAT owner of a untrained Lab to your friends and family do you? Some Lab and dog owners of other breeds believe that once they bring a new puppy into their home that the puppy will know, almost instinctively, how it should act and behave. Any dog brought into a home will not know ‘right’ from ‘wrong’ in the eyes of its owner till the owner teaches the her. She’ll need proper schooling for proper behavior to develop.

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