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How to Train a Doberman

 How to Train a Doberman

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Dog Training 

Dobermans have been a popular choice for many people and are becoming even more popular as time passes by.  When it comes to intelligence, loyalty, and personality, this breed ranks high.  Of course, there has been negative publicity that has dogged this breed for years but that must be kept in perspective.  Remember, there are many other breeds that have also had a bad rap, which turned out to not be so accurate after all.  Any Doberman owner will be able to tell you that this breed makes a wonderful addition to the home.  The question is, once you have your new puppy, how do you go about training him or her properly.

In order for the training to be effective one should consider the personality traits of the Doberman.  This will make the training more effective and easier on you and on the dog.

Although there are numerous traits associated with this breed that already make it a popular choice many people do not know about their amazing bravery and loyalty.  Dobermans are bred to be loyal and brave which is why they have been the companions of soldiers for more than a hundred years.  Because of this they are fearless and quite able to withstand certain methods of training that other breeds would find difficult or downright impossible.  This is important to remember when you decide to buy a Doberman because you will be part of the training process.

Dobermans are very active and do well if they are able to get maximum exercise.  They need physical and mental stimulation.  When it comes to training this is very important to remember.  If the training you employ is boring or uninteresting the dog will not respond in the way that you want.  For instance, training him in the living room will soon result in his disinterest.

Along with being active the Dobey is also very assertive and therefore quite a confident dog as well.  This does not necessarily mean that they are aggressive but because of this trait of their personality the owner also needs to be assertive, effectively showing and teaching him that you are the boss.  Of course it goes without saying that hitting the dog into submission is never the way to go and should never even be considered an option.

It cannot be over-emphasized that when it comes to training your Dobey it is essential that they receive plenty of outdoor training involving lots of energetic activities like running, fetching and generally playing around.  This breed needs these things, which would mean that an owner that isn’t very physically active would not be the breed to choose.  In order to make the training process far easier it is suggested that you seek the assistance of a professional well experienced with training Dobermans.  A professional will know that the way you train a Dobey is not the same way one would train a spaniel for example.  The training methods employed should be specific to the requirements of the breed for best results.

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