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Bed Bug Dog Training

 Bed Bug Dog Training

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Are you worried about bed bugs at a private residence or commercial property? Are you a pest control operator, looking to expand your clientele services and take advantage of the rapidly growing bed bug control industry? If the answer, “yes”, you will benefit from discovering the power and potential of bed bug dog training. This form of training allows canines to detect the presence of these annoying pests, and it offers the most accurate results. In fact, well-trained bed bug detection dogs provide amazing benefits at affordable rates.


Bed bug detection dogs are trained to use their senses in order to find bed bugs, wherever they may lurk. These insects are often found in mattresses and other home or commercial furnishings. The truth is that bed bugs manage to inhabit a host of domestic nooks and crannies, rather than mattresses alone.

Bed bugs don’t threaten human health, unless human beings experience allergic reactions when they are bitten. However, most people find the idea of living with bedbugs intolerable. In the past, before bed bug dog training detection became available, people and pest control operators had to look for bed bugs themselves, by searching for telltale signs, such as “blood spots”, which appear on bed sheets, mattresses or other affected areas. However, since bed bugs are so tiny, these “bedbug infestation clues” may be difficult to find, particularly by those who aren’t used to looking for such signs.

Dogs which perform this function are specially trained, just as arson or bomb dogs are. In other words, they receive training which allows them to focus their senses on detecting one form of threat, which is the presence of bed bugs. Usually, dogs utilize their very pronounced senses of smell in order to find these pests. In this regard, they have a huge advantage over human beings, who have much weaker senses of smell.