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 Chihuahua Training

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how to potty train a chihuahua

Dogs are the best friends man has, this is the way the saying goes, and it really is true. Over the years animal breeders have breaded dogs so as to create newer varieties that look an act differently; a special segment of such dogs is the toy dog category. Chihuahuas are the biggest contender of the most popular toy dog position because of their small size, soft coat and extreme cuteness, but stop and think again before you go on and by a Chihuahua for your home. Some of the hotels with no dog policies even allow the Chihuahua to enter the premises.

In case you are planning to bring a Chihuahua puppy home then here is a list of things you should ensure in order to house break the dog, so that it grows up to be an obedient and well mannered dogs. Puppies are like little kids, you need to teach them what to do and what not to do so that they can grow up as mature adults. Suppose you have kids back home, make sure you teach them how to behave with the puppy before you bring it home.

Most of the dog trainers agree that pets like the Chihuahua can be an aggressive dog to train. Some of these dogs are simply very stubborn and do not like to listen to simple commands as well, which makes Chihuahua tarining impossible. First and foremost, make sure that you have a lot of chew toys at your home for your cute little puppy to chew upon. Remember that it is your responsibility to turn your little Chihuahua puppy into a warm and friendly adult dog.

Whenever the puppy tries to chew upon furniture or shoes, take the item away from it and scold those using strong words, in a tone so that they understand that you do not like this behaviour. It is important that you make your point very clear to the dog when training, a dog who is confused can never be trained. A god owner supplies the puppy with a chew toy and when he starts to chew it, pat him or give him a treat along with appreciating words, this will reinforce the behaviour.

In similar fashion you can teach your little puppy to sit and stay using the treat system, while training your puppy. Make sure you understand what kinds of problem it is facing , try to be gentle yet firm. Puppies require a lot of rest, so make sure that the puppy gets a lot of rest interspersed with the Chihauhua training session.

While training the puppy for the leash, get it accustomed to the foreign object for few days by letting it lie beside the feeding bowl for a few days and then make the puppy wear the collar indoors and finally outdoors. The method ensures that the change is not very abrupt and the dog does not develop a fear for the leash, most of the dogs bite because they are afraid and it is never good to have a dog that is on the edge. Sooner or later your dog will find out that when you take the leash out, that means he can go out on walk. After that the leash training is complete as the leash will now be associated with the pleasant experience of going outdoors in the dog's memory.

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