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Chihuahua Leash Training

Chihuahua Leash Training

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chihuahua obedience training

The Chihuahuas are wonderful to have around the house, but you cannot forever keep your pet at home, being a wild animal the dogs need to be outdoors for certain periods of time in order to maintain their sanity. The Chihuahua being a small dog it is impossible to take it out for a walk without a leash.

Chihuahua leash training does not require any special equipment and happens to be one of the important parts while training a Chihuahua. It is quite well known among pet owners that leashes usually do not go down well with the dogs in general. So you need to leash train your dog. The Chihuahua is a very small dog and it is suspicious to new objects, so make sure that you accustom the animal to the leash before you try to make him wear it. For a start you can keep the leash by his feeding bowl for few days so that he can get used to the sight of the leash and even smell it from time to time. Within a few days you may find that the puppy has found a toy in the leash and grown to like it. This would be the right opportunity to make the dog wear the collar.

Each and every dog loves to take walk outside, so make sure that your dog starts associating the leash with a walk outside. Soon you will find from his behavior that he no longer protests, when you put on the leash on him. Make sure you send the positive signals to him about the leash, and do not let him outside without the leash. It is important that you make the dog understand that there will be no walks without the leash; this is a very important part of housebreaking your dog.

In case you are still clueless about the Chihuahua leash training procedure, you can check out the library or the Internet for a proper guide and DVDs. It wise to search for a DVD that will teach you how to take care of the pets while leash training them. You must observe and understand the behaviours of your pet in order to get tips on how to derive obedience from a seemingly insolent puppy.

There are no secrets to leash training all you need to do is make sure that your dog gets a lot of practice with the leash so that wearing the leash becomes a habit and does not remain a necessity anymore. When it comes to leash training try not to be hash on your puppy, remember it is your behaviour as a pet owner that will determine how the dog will become in the future. If you treat your dog with kindness mixed with a firm stance then you will get a warm and friendly do, who will be obedient to you.

When your puppy does something wrong scold him and use a harsh tone but never under any circumstance hit him, if you hit him, you may scar the animal for life, so make sure you keep this in mind.

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