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Training A Chihuahua Basic Commands

 Training A Chihuahua Basic Commands

Chihuahua Training
Dog Training

Chihuahua Training – “Sit” and “come” are the basic commands that are required for you to share the house with your Chi. Beyond these commands, you can always train you Chi to fetch your paper and other such light weight activities. But such training sessions can effectively be conducted only by those with abundant patience. A Chihuahua is as stubborn as a child going to school for the first time, and it will try to slip away from training sessions, or tricking you into converting a lesson into a game that it prefers – Chihuahuas are very smart creatures, and a lot of effort needs to be invested on the part of the owner.

Chihuahuas can also be morphed into performance dogs. Members of the Chihuahua family have won quite a number of awards for their agility, various abilities, and at times, even for being ugly. However, phenomenal amount of training is behind the transformation of naturally reserved and aggressive dogs into dogs that entertain and are comfortable with a human audience.

Training a Chihuahua in terms of providing it with ample physical exercise is the least of an owner’s worries. Chis do not need more than 15 minutes of walking day for them to be healthy and ward off diseases like obesity.

Lethargy is not a quality that will help you training a chihuahua, as they are little powerhouses of energy. Bounding about the house, Chis do require ample training so that they don’t knock tables and crash vases. However, placing a leash around their little necks is not an option as they are fragile beings and any pressure applied will result in broken bones. Rigid dog collars and leashes are thus not a good choice for Chis. Also, having a Chi in the house has the inhabitants learning anger management as lashing out at the dog in a fit of rage has disastrous results.

Chihuahuas shot to fame when leading Hollywood beauties and focal points of page 3 socialites were spotted in high brow parties with poodles sitting in their handbags, or draped over their arms. Making a style statement with handbag dogs, the celebrities inspired a craze for owning miniature dogs that travels on your arm or in your handbag. All species of dogs that comprised small members shot to frame, and Chihuahuas were especially cherished for their adorable appearance. After intensive training, Chihuahuas were experimented with by fashionistas, and snaps of Chis dressed up in various outfits flooded print and electronic media. Only the owners of the Chihuahuas know the amount of training a chihuahua that goes into making the little ones sociable.

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