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Chihuahua Training : A Beginning

 Chihuahua Training : A Beginning

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chihuahua training

Chihuahua, the also known as Chi, is the smallest breed of man’s best friend, standing at a mere 6 – 9 inches in height and weighing not more than an ignorable four pounds. Chihuahuas have been a part of Earth’s bustling ecology since the 9th century, and they are a community older than the Mayan civilization. However, for the younger generation who are otherwise not keen on the species and antics of dogs, Chis shot to fame when one of their kin was spotted attending socialite gatherings nestled in the handbag of Paris Hilton.

Soon after this interesting sighting by the paparazzi that had animal lovers raising a hue and cry over the “abuse” suffered by the little Chihuahua that was seen decked up in designer wear and accessories, there was a rise in the number of wannabes adopting Chihuahuas. Handbag dogs soon became a rage, and Chihuahua’s fell smack in the middle of the limited species that fit into a handbag, besides pooches (Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell), poodles and pugs.

Introduction of Chihuahua Training - Chihuahua training is an integral part of bringing up an affable pet. Naturally aloof and suspicious of humans, Chihuahuas need chihuahua training in order for them to refrain from snapping at every one who crosses the threshold of the house. This very trait of lack of trust in strangers, and the fact that Chis are love to bark, makes them reliable watchdogs. Failing to train a Chi will result the owner being woken up in the middle of the night by his dog barking at his friends who intended to pull a birthday surprise on him.

Chihuahua training must kick off the day the pet enters the house as an adorable pup. Please remember that appearances can be deceptive and just because Chis are tiny creatures, it does not mean that they can go without any chihuahua training. Take time away from your numerous chores and commitments to train your Chi to empty its bowel outside the house. Though a doggie pad or a litter box may appeal to you as the easier way out, teaching your Chihuahua to unload himself outside the house will prove to be a face saver when you take your pet along to parties. After all, you did not shell out hard earned money to have a pee machine ruin your new Gucci bag, did you?

Once a Chihuahua is taught to race outdoors to empty his bladders, the dog must be taught to understand and obey simple requisite commands such as “sit” and “come. To better understand the psychology involved in chihuahua training, or any other animal for that matter, consider it to be a human baby. Just as a parent must be infinitely patient when teaching the most basic things to the child, you must be as considerate towards your Chi. Both baby and pet do not understand your language, it is your facial expressions, body language and tone of voice that guide them through their learning process.

Jeremy Bentham might have advanced the well known carrot and stick theory to help humans understand how to motivate fellow humans to give in their best, but this theory applies to humans and animals alike. When training a Chihuahua, encourage your pet to cooperate with you by offering it a cookie every time there is visible improvement in its behavior. And when your little companion fails to carry out your command, deny it the cookie and start chihuahua training all over again.