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Doberman Obedience Training

 Doberman Obedience Training

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Dog Training

For a lot of people, an important step to take early on is to get your puppy into obedience training. Doberman obedience training is essential in teaching your pet how to behave in many different situations as they will most certainly encounter them at some stage in their life. Unfortunately there are obviously some people who will not be able to fork out for this training and will opt to do it themselves. So the following is an example of what you can expect and gain from such training and what benefits your dog will get from it.

The Benefits of Doberman Obedience Training

To begin with, in doberman obedience will benefit your dog by teaching him/her to act in response to commands you will use often. The training is not only for your doberman, but for you also as you will learn how to give commands.  Quite often people don’t think of this and it is important to know that you have a role as well. It’s not all on the dog. It’s  a bit of give and take and this way you will both learn quicker.

Be The Boss

In doberman obedience training you will learn the most productive ways to assert your dominance over the dog so he realizes who’s in charge and that he must listen to your commands at all times. Should you continue these practices in your home you will find a swift transition to you being the alpha leader, which is the bottom line when it comes to doberman obedience  and of course with all dog training.

Basic Commands

Doberman obedience training will equip you with the obvious basic commands such as stay, quiet, heel etc and not to be taken lightly because the basic commands are used most frequently. The basic commands are the fundamentals and building blocks upon which other tricks and commands will be taught at a later time.

No Biting or Barking

These tend to top the list for major problems in all dogs.  Various levels of doberman obedience training will address these habits and behaviours and will teach your doberman to behave the way you require them to. It is of paramount importance that biting is dealt with from a very young age.

Walking – This can be a frustrating exercise when your dog is learning what to do when walking, especially when other dogs are present. Doberman obedience training will put you and your dog on the right track when it comes to obeying your commands while out on a walk and not having the problems of pulling on the lead and doing as pleased. Nothing is more satisfying for a dog owner when they get a hold of this discipline.

Doberman obedience training can be of great importance for establishing a framework of discipline and good behaviour for not only the things you are training for today, but ease of training later. The Doberman is an intelligent dog and learns quickly how to train. Even quicker when taught from a young age. If your doberman doesn’t behave correctly, I strongly suggest at least a few classes to get him used to learning to train.

Keep it up at Home

Doberman obedience training is merely the beginning. A handful of tricks learnt at the class is great but if there is no reinforcement, there is little or no progress. Remember, the training is for both of you and once you learn the skills required to teach, don’t leave it in the class, utilize it every day and soon you will see the benefits. It is also important to discuss a system of continuity with other family members in relation to the training. Show them what you have learnt and ask them to follow through with the same techniques and control for the benefit of the dog.

If you lapse in the discipline of your doberman obedience training, your dog will revert to old habits and become riddled with behaviours that are almost impossible to reverse once the dog is older. So remember to be consistent and look at it as an investment into a healthy and happy relationship with your beautiful friend.

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