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Doberman Guard Dog Training


 Doberman Guard Dog Training

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Is Doberman Guard Dog Training The Right Choice For You?

If you are contemplating putting your pet through Doberman guard dog training, you need to be aware that with the valuable results also comes a great deal of responsibility.  Many people think of guard dogs as those mean canines in movies that are always tied up at junkyards and often foaming at the mouth but this is simply not the case.  The dogs depicted on the big screen are intimidating and lash out because of fear and neglect.  Doberman guard dog training develops a controlled, fearless, obedient protector.

Not all Doberman Pinschers are ideal candidates for Doberman guard dog training.  A lot of qualifying traits will be dependent on if they are already aware of their position in the home and if they have a strong alpha leader.

Before considering putting your pet in Doberman guard dog training, you need to evaluate his temperament.  Dogs that are overly aggressive, anxious or fearful need to deal with these traits first.  Your dog should not be shy or sensitive to sound and he needs to display confidence, regardless of his surroundings.  If you are choosing a puppy to potentially put into Doberman guard dog training, look for one that is assertive.  The puppy should not be aggressive but he will push his way to the front to meet you without being timid.

Your Doberman must be well socialized.  Guard dogs can acknowledge a stranger without being intimidated.  He can be well-mannered, yet sensitive to actions and movement at the same time.

Training at an Early Age

Doberman guard dog training starts the minute that you bring your dog home whether he is a puppy or an adult.  It is vital that protection dogs be given clear leadership because with their aggressive nature, they can take control over a household quite easily.

The dogs that are most successful at Doberman guard dog training are those that have rules, boundaries and can obey basic commands.  A new puppy that will be used for protection must be socialized early, especially when they are between 8 and 12 weeks old.  This is a crucial few weeks  when dogs develop the sense of what is and is not a threat.  Also, Doberman Pinscher puppies should never be taken from their mother prior to eight weeks of age.  This is an important time when they learn acceptable behavior from their mother and litter mates.

Schutzhund Training

The Schutzhund training program is an excellent choice for Doberman guard dog training that you can even do right in your own home.  The three components involved are protection, obedience and tracking.  It is important that a guard dog be well-rounded in all three areas.

This method empowers you to train your dog to be alert and to attack certain actions but also be controlled enough to release on command.  This advanced Doberman guard dog training really requires you to constantly enforce your alpha leader position because your dog will always look to you for permission, signals and commands.

Special Considerations

There are special considerations that you need to be aware of.  Some areas have laws against owning specific breeds and many insurance companies will not cover them as well.  A Doberman that has been trained for protection is often considered a high-risk pet.

You also have to be prepared for the liability .  Even the best trained dog can perceive certain actions as dangerous even if they’re not, such as someone hugging their owner, a child raising their arms or loud yelling.

Before putting your dog through Doberman guard dog training, be sure to evaluate if your pet is a good candidate and if you are prepared for the long-term responsibility.

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