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 Doberman Tips

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Dog Training

Helpful Doberman Tips That You Need To Know

There always seems to be some confusion over which Doberman tips are legitimate and which one are not.  These dogs are special and stand out from every other breed, not only by their stately appearance but by a personality that you really can only either love or hate.  If you are not a good leader and do not give your dog the kind of training and mental stimulation that he deserves you will hate the fact that you will never control him.

Socialization Doberman Tips

DO make a point to socialize your Doberman early around other people and dogs and in various environments with new smells and noises.

DO learn your dog’s body postures so that you can be aware when he is alert or defensive around people.

DON’T make the mistake of thinking that your Doberman will not be a good protection dog if he is socialized.

DON’T allow people to approach you when your dog is in any posture that displays that he in unsure of the person in question.  Allow him to calm down first and make the decision that the approaching person does not pose a threat.

Play-Biting Doberman Tips

DO encourage your dog to bite and chew on appropriate items.

DO make a whimpering sound like a litter mate would when be bites you so that he understands that you don’t appreciate it.

DON’T allow your Doberman puppy to lick, chew or bite on your hands, feet, arms or legs. This is a habit that needs to be stopped immediately before it is an adult issue.

DON’T punish your dog for biting you.  Replace your body part with a chew toy or bone and praise him when he uses it.

Jumping-Up Doberman Tips Stop Dog Jumping

DO stand still when your Doberman jumps on you.

DO ignore the behavior and do not give him any attention until he calms down.

DON’T put your hands out in front of you to block him because he will think that you want to play.

DON’T allow him to feel that any attention you give him is a result of his poor behavior.

Crate Training Doberman Tips

DO provide a crate that is large enough for your puppy to turn around, stand and lay down in.

DO provide your Doberman with fresh water in a tip-proof bowl along with a toy in his crate.

DON’T every use the crate for punishment.

DON’T expect your puppy to stay in the crate for extended periods of time.

Housebreaking Doberman Tips House Training

DO select a place where you prefer your puppy to potty in the yard so he goes there all the time.

DO create a schedule for your dog to look forward to so he knows when he will be able to go outside.

DON’T expect your puppy to never have accidents.

DON’T scold or punish your puppy when he has an accident.

General Doberman Tips

DO become the alpha leader.

DO always provide your dog with positive feedback.

DO offer your Doberman a generous amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

DO offer your dog plenty of toys and bones to chew on.

DO respect and appreciate your Doberman and his feelings.

DON’T ever use physical punishment with your dog.

DON’T seclude him away from social situations.

DON’T leave your dog alone for extended periods of time and never leave him outside when you’re not home.

DON’T allow your puppy to chew, bark, jump, bite or growl without reason.

DON’T expect too much from him.  Although he is a champion protector and extremely intelligent, at the end of the day, he is still just a dog.  He deserves to be loved and allowed to make mistakes from time to time.

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