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Sirius Puppy Training

Sirius Puppy Training
Sirius Puppy Training

Sirius puppy training refers to a training method which uses specific techniques to get the desired training results. This method of puppy training was founded by a veterinarian and animal behavior expert, Dr. Ian Dunbar, and the techniques used during the Sirius method of puppy training use only positive reinforcement.

All animal experts, from vets to professional trainers, agree that hitting or physical pain should never be used to train, discipline, or punish an animal, no matter what age or species. Rewards such as treats and praised are used instead of hitting or other aggressive measures. This method of training follows certain developmental guidelines that follow the age of the puppy, and it teaches that socialization with people and other dogs is critical to a happy, well adjusted, and well behaved puppy or dog.

Sirius Puppy Training

Sirius puppy training uses hand feeding with kibble or small nutritious snacks to teach puppies what is expected of them, and to make the puppy eager to learn because of the praise and rewards. The guidelines involved in this method of puppy training are eight, nine, twelve, and eighteen weeks, and these deadlines are critical for your dog not to fall behind. By the time your puppy is nine weeks old it should be housebroken, or at least close to it.

Between two and three months old, your puppy is expected to be completely socialized to people in your home, which means your puppy should meet at least one hundred people in your home during that month. This is critical so that your puppy accepts people and does not show any aggression towards them. Taking walks outside with your puppy will also help to socialize them with other dogs and people.

In the Sirius puppy training method, the puppy is expected not to bite by the time they are eighteen weeks old, and this means not biting people or other dogs. Chew toy training is also utilized in Sirius training to teach your puppy that it is okay to chew, but only on their toys. Training techniques for housebreaking are also included in training courses that use the Sirius method.

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