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Dog Training Techniques Revealed

 Dog Training Techniques Revealed

dog training techniques
Dog Training Techniques

There are so many dog training techniques that have come to surface over the past few years.  Some are good, some not so good.  But there are also those that work better for one dog and not the other.  The key is to find what your dog responds well to and stick with that method. 

Remember, dog training is about building a relationship with your dog and a bond of trust.  If you are using a method that will cause insecurity or mistrust in your dog, then you can train all you want and not get anywhere but a dog that will either defy you or fear you. 

The latest of the dog training techniques was revealed to me for the first time on Oprah.  I remember watching and hearing them talk about "dog whispering".  This caught my attention since I have dogs and am an avid dog lover.  But yet, I don't think I have ever whispered to my dog, at least not in the sense they are referring to. 

1.  Dog whispering is a method that is based on the understanding of your dogs body language and behavior.  It lets you "talk" to your dog in a new say that he will be able to understand.  You learn to understand your dog's problems through positive association. 

2.  The most popular of the dog training techniques is the reward and praise method.  This is proven to work over and over again. You reward your dogs positive behavior with ample amounts of praise and treats on occasion.  Your dog learns that when he does something positive that you approve of, he gets a lot of attention and dogs love attention.  He will continue the behavior because he knows it makes you happy and he wants that praise again. 

3.  Another form that is quite popular is the training with a "check" or "choke" collar.  This is a chain placed over your dogs head, typically when training behavior in public, such as going on walks, or in a park around other people. This is also more for the larger dogs that are hard to control.  The way this works is by pulling on the chain, it jerks your dog slightly, getting his attention.  This is the only purpose, this is not to choke or hurt your dog.  If your dog starts to get out of control, you will "check" (tug) the leash that is attached to the check collar. 

4.  Some trainers have used the electric collar as one of their dog training techniques.  I have never used this method, so I can't say how a dog reacts.  But it is supposed to give your dog a mild shock when he is misbehaving.  This is best used on aggressive dogs that are hard to control. 

5.  We all know that a dogs hearing is very acute.  He can hear things that we can't, frequencies that are extremely high.  With this ability in mind, there is a method called ultrasonic whistle training. The whistle produces a high pitched sound only your dog can hear.  This is not something that will hurt his ears, but it does get his attention.  This is great for calling or getting a dogs attention from a distance. 

Any dog training techniques take time and need to done with patience and love.  You will know which one feels right for you and your dog. Be patient and understanding and your dog will learn.