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Puppy House Training

Puppy House Training
Puppy House Training

Puppy house training is an important part of owning a puppy, and this training is crucial unless you want a house that smells like dog urine and poop, with messes all over the house which need to be cleaned up.

No one wants to live like this, so it is essential that house training is done with your puppy. There are numerous resources available to give you tips on the best ways to train your puppy if you need ideas or suggestions.

It is crucial to begin puppy house training as soon as you get the puppy. This process may take a few weeks to accomplish, and during this time it is important not to hit or chase the puppy for any accidents as this may scare the puppy, can lead to more accidents, and is not helpful at all.

If the puppy has an accident and you see it happening, say no firmly or clap your hands to get the attention of the puppy. Then take the dog outside to the potty area. If the dog has defecated, take a tissue or napkin and bring the accident to the potty area as well so the puppy will associate going to the bathroom with the potty area.

Puppy house training requires patience and vigilance. A new puppy does not understand the rules, and training is necessary to establish these rules and help your puppy understand that going to the bathroom is an activity that should be done only in the designated potty area.

The puppy will want to please you so verbal commands are enough discipline and hitting is not necessary. Hitting can actually create problems because your puppy will associate you with pain and may run from you or have an accident out of fear.

A new puppy can be a wonderful addition to any household, but proper training must be done as soon as possible to prevent the puppy from using the bathroom anywhere but the area you have designated for this.

To some owners this potty area may be a corner of your yard that is out of the way, and to others it is as simple as anywhere but in the house or anywhere in the yard.