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housebreaking dog meaning
housebreaking dog methods

Dog training techniques for house training are important for the sake of your home. Giving your new puppy rules and guidance is good for him, too.

That new puppy is so cute. He is your new best friend and member of the family. However, that sweet new bundle of joy can leave behind some disgusting messes on your floor. You need to get your puppy adjusted to life at your home quickly, which includes dog training and housebreaking. Housebreaking can be an easy or frustrating experience; the choice is up to you.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to housebreaking is that it is new to your puppy. Many times people get frustrated, not understanding why a dog does not “get it.” Remember, a puppy is a baby, a baby not born with the knowledge of housebreaking. Be patient. Housebreaking takes time. It will not happen overnight. It may take a month or more.

When dog training for housebreaking, stay focused and committed. Do not give up or become slack in your dog training. Staying with it will equal success in the end, no matter how long it takes.

Dog training using a crate is a popular method of housebreaking. If you do not want to crate your dog, consider restricting your puppy to a small area when you are not around or during the night. Baby gates work great. Puppies will not typically soil their sleeping area, keeping this area “safe.”

Do not leave your puppy in this restricted area or in a crate for an extended period. Except for overnight, take your puppy to an appropriate area, hourly if possible, for him to “do his business.” Before putting him to bed, immediately in the morning, before and after meals, are also perfect times.

After escorting your puppy to the appropriate area, give him plenty of time to “go.” Do not rush your puppy. If he does go, praise him and give him a treat as a reward. You want your puppy to associate going in the appropriate area as a positive thing he will be rewarded for.

If your dog relieves himself in an inappropriate area, give him a sharp “No!” Then, take him to the appropriate area and praise him.

Housebreaking can be easy if you keep to the routine until your puppy is trained. Keep feeding times, sleeping times, and bathroom times the same each day. Eventually, your puppy will go in the appropriate area on his own.