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Puppy Potty Training Problems

Puppy Potty Training Problems
Puppy Potty Training Problems


Puppy Potty Training Problems

There are a lot of puppy potty training problems that can occur when you first start training your pet. Some methods do not work as well for some puppies as they do for others. One potty training problem is that a puppy can be unintentionally taught to go to the bathroom inside.

The puppy can go outside for generous amounts of time, then come inside and go potty where the owner can not see them. This problem is caused by correcting the puppy too long after the mess is made. If you do not see your puppy in the act, do not correct them, it causes a lot of confusion, and the puppy will do the opposite of what you are trying to teach them.

A lot of puppy potty training problems are from trauma in the puppy's life at some point. Some puppies have submissive urination, which is set off from fear or a bladder problem. If you notice the puppie has been urinating when you pick them up, or when they sleep and dream, your puppy may have submissive urinating problems. Submissive urination is caused from stress and/or abuse.

Lack of control and patience by the owner will scare the puppy, and will make the problem worse. Your puppy is going to have trust problems with you if you use force of any kind when correcting them. Your puppy can sense all of your emotions, and when you are upset, mad, or even nervous, they will react differently. Always train your puppy with positive reinforcement. Of course there are going to be times when you get upset, but keep this away from the puppy.

If you are having puppy potty training problems, there is always a solution out there. Your local veterinarian can help you and your family decide what is good for the puppy and what is not. The problems can be fixed with the right information and training.

You should never give up on your puppy. The owner has to have all of his time and patience devoted to the puppy. A lot of puppy potty training problems are from early mistakes that are not noticed in time. You should always research your problem and try to find the best solution. There are a lot of different ways you can correct your puppies problems without resorting to violence or abuse.

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