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How To Train Doberman Pinschers

 How To Train Doberman Pinschers

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If you are looking for information on how to train Doberman Pinschers, chances are, you have already fallen in love with the breed’s stately and striking appearance.  However, you may not have been prepared for the independent personality you would be blessed with as well.  The most famous characteristic of Dobermans is their temperament and unless you are familiar with the many sides of their personality, training will be a challenge.

Understand Your Doberman

Although there are universal tips and tricks that help with training every breed, when you need to know how to train Doberman Pinschers, you must understand just how special their temperament really is.  Dobermans are known for their aggression however, this does not mean that they are violent or viscous.  They are champion athletes and dedicate their entire heart to every task that they are faced with.  Having an aggressive breed means establishing yourself as the alpha leader and socializing him with other dogs and people at a young age. When learning how to train Doberman Pinschers, you should understand that they are watchful, suspicious and fearless.  This is a dog that will make his rounds around the house throughout the night to make sure that his family members are safe. Dobermans are loyal, loving and remarkably intelligent.  The important thing to remember with such a brilliant breed is that training needs to be constant.  It is not enough to train them the basics, Dobermans need as much mental stimulation as they do physical exercise.

Establish the Alpha Position

It is especially important to establish yourself as the alpha leader when you are learning how to train Doberman Pinschers.  Although these are aggressive dogs, they are also fearless so a well-trained dog will not shy away from people or bark at your neighbor.  Dogs traditionally bite out of fear.  If you  have a fearful Doberman, you have not done your job of becoming the leader and you need to change this immediately, regardless of the dog’s age.  Being a leader allows your dog to relax and understand that although he is to protect you, it is your home and you are in charge.

It may be tempting to allow your cute Doberman puppy to jump on you but this is a breed that should be stopped of this habit at an early age.  A puppy jumping may seem adorable but the power behind an adult Doberman jumping on you or anyone else is far from safe or enjoyable.

As a puppy, you should cradle your Doberman in your arms, belly side up.  This is a very vulnerable position for them that instills you as their leader.  It is also advised to require your Doberman to “wait” politely for 5 to 10 seconds before he can attack his food bowl or go outside.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is one of the most important things to remember when learning how to train Doberman Pinschers.  If you are going to make him “sit” before going outside, they he has to be expected to do so every single time.  This means that everyone in your house needs to be consistent as well.  It will not benefit you or your dog in the least if you require your Doberman to act a certain way but then no one else in the family does.  Inconsistency is very confusing and frustrating for your dog.

Socialize Your Doberman

Socialization cannot be stressed enough when learning how to train Doberman Pinschers.  Introducing your dog to new people, animals, sounds, smells and environments will allow your dog to not view the unfamiliar and feel threatened, which results in a dangerous dog.

If you have intended your Doberman to be used for protection, it is even more important to socialize him.  Making these dogs less fearful does not at all degrade their protective nature that lies inside them.  In order for a dog to be used for protection, he has to be sure and confident to follow commands rather than get stressed out.

When learning how to train Doberman Pinschers, keep in mind that socialization is vital to the emotional health of your dog and will reduce the risk of anxiety and potentially dangerous situations.