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Training a Chihuahua : An Introduction

 Training a Chihuahua : An Introduction

Training a Chihuahua
Dog Training

Long gone are the days when a family could enjoy the company of Great Danes, Terriers and Labradors. With match box sized flats in ultra posh apartments becoming the order of the day, a relatively quiet breed of quadruples that transform a home into a house are increasingly in demand. Native to the Mexican state of Chihuahua, Chihuahuas are a breed of tiny pooches that stand no taller than 9 inches. Weighing a mere 4 pounds, Chis (as they are commonly addressed) are a welcome addition to families that face the oppressive limitations of a modern world.

Training a Chihuahua is very important. Brush aside the misconception that no creature as tiny as a Chi needs extensive training. Aggressive by nature, untrained Chis can be a social menace. The pyche of Chihuahuas is such that they require ample time to place their trust in any human. And they often shed their inhibitions only with one person, and treat the rest of the world with suspicion and wariness. Thus a discipline school is not a feasible option for those with Chis. This natural disposition of the dog makes it a tricky family pet.

An untrained Chihuahua is not to be let loose around kids aged ten or below, as it is ill tempered by nature. While most species of dogs love to be caressed and teased, a Chi is likely to respond with chilling barks and even attack kids who tease it. Training a Chihuahua thus becomes imperative before letting it out in open areas.

The first step in training a Chihuahua is establishing the boss of the house. A pampered Chi who think he can get his way will have you wrapped around its tiny paws in no time, and you will soon find yourself pleading for mercy. Thus, the owner of a Chi must ensure that his pet recognizes him as the being to have the last word.

Potty training is the first lesson in training a Chihuahua. Though pet pads and litter boxes are alluring options, they are not feasible in the long run as every house or restaurant you visit will not have the above mentioned products. Training a Chi to run to empty its bowels outdoors is a lesson that will save you from a lot of embarrassment. Besides, you will not like the prospect of having your pet’s excreta ruining your new Louis Vuitton designer bag.

Soon after you train your dog to attend calls of nature outdoors, move on to the basic commands of “sit” and “come”. While training a Chihuahua, bear in mind that the dog does not understand language. It is the tone of your voice, your body language and your expressions that act as the cues for your dog. Speak in a steady authoritative tone while issuing commands, and differentiate the pitch of your voice from your regular talking tone so as to help the dog understand that you are addressing him.

Jeremy Bentahm’s carrot and stick theory was formulated with humans in mind, but all organisms function along similar conditions. Treat your Chi to a cookie, pat it and praise it when it obeys your commands. Let it know when it makes you happy by showering it with positive responses, and this will result in the Chi developing into a better dog by the end of your sessions. However, when its interpretation of your command is awry, deny it the cookie. Gently.

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