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Leash Training Your New Puppy

Teaching your puppy to walk on a leash should be an important part of your puppy obedience training plan.

Leash Training Your New Puppy
Leash Training Your New Puppy

There is nothing worse than taking a dog for a walk who continually pulls and yanks on his leash.

So leash train your puppy while he is still young as trying to leash train an older dog will be a much harder job.

After leash training your puppy, it will make taking your puppy out for a walk a pleasurable experience for you both.

Leash training your new puppy can begin straightaway. First of all get the right size collar for your puppy and just get him used to wearing it.

Try and make a fun game of it and distract him with treats when you first put the collar on him.

At first your puppy may resist his collar and try and bite or scratch it off. Leave it on him for a short period of time and then take it off him.

But only take it off when he is not resisting the collar. If you take the collar off your puppy when he is resisting the collar it will become a battle and he will continually resist wearing his collar.

So wait until your puppy is calm before taking it off and your puppy will soon get used to wearing his collar.

The next stage is to get your puppy used to the leash. First of all just attach a short leash and let your puppy get used to having the lead attached to his collar.

Let him get used to the lead and drag it around the house. Always supervise your puppy when he is wearing his leash around the house and make sure he doesn’t get himself tangled up.

At first he may not like wearing the leash and try biting it off but once again only remove the leash when he is not resisting it.

Once your puppy is used to wearing his leash, it is time to take up the leash and practice walking with your puppy around the room on a loose leash.

When your puppy is very young he will probably follow you around the house anyway, so use this to your advantage when you practice walking him on the leash.

While you puppy is happily walking beside you on the leash, give him lots of praise and encouragement.

If your puppy starts straining on the leash, don’t yank him back but simply stop and call your puppy to you.

When he comes back to you, reward him with a treat or praise and then continue walking with him.

Never continue walking while your puppy is pulling or straining on the leash.

If he pulls or strains on the leash, simply stop and don’t start walking again until your puppy is walking properly beside you again.

Your puppy will soon get the message that pulling and straining on the leash will get him nowhere and if he wants to walk with you it has to be by your side on a loose lead.

Leash training your new puppy will take time and patience but it will be worth it in the end.

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