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Puppy Proof Your Home And Keep Your Puppy Safe

 I have to admit that when I got my puppy Megan, I was totally unprepared to have a new puppy in the house.

puppy proof your home
puppy proof your home

I blame my husband!  I was not planning on getting a dog but one day he came home and surprised me with a new puppy.

When I saw Megan I was totally smitten and have never regretting having her for a minute, but as I said, I was totally unprepared.

She was such a gorgeous and lovely little puppy dog, but it soon became apparent that puppy obedience training and puppy toilet training would need to begin immediately.

But it wasn’t until she had jumped on the coffee table and ate all my multivitamin pills that I realised that I needed to puppy proof my home.

The pills were in a plastic container but she had managed to chew through it and eat the pills.

I was so worried, but luckily there were no ill effects.  But I shudder to think what would have happened if there had been paracetamols in that bottle instead!

I had only left my puppy alone for 5 minutes.

puppy proof your home

So please make sure you puppy proof your home before your puppy gets up to any mischief and suffers the consequences.

  • Make sure all medicines are stored away and harmful cleaning fluids are put away in a safe place out of your puppy’s reach.

  • Use baby gates to keep your puppy confined in safe areas and to keep him from exploring unsafe places like garages where harmful chemicals may be stored.

  • Put all house plants out of your puppy’s reach. Some plants can be poisonous and your puppy may get curious and want to chew them.

  • Make sure there are no small items left laying around the house, such as jewellery, money, remote controls, paper clips, rubber bands etc.  Puppies love to explore with the their mouths and could easily choke on small items.

  • Make sure all rubbish and waste paper bins are out of your puppy’s reach.  Puppies have a strong sense of smell and they love to rummage through bins.

  • Always keep a close watch on your puppy because you never know what he will get up to next.

If you have any other suggestions for puppy proofing your home, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts on this topic.

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