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House Training A Puppy When You Are Working

Many families combine having a dog with going out to work and school, often having to leave their pet alone for several hours at a time.

House Training A Puppy
House Training A Puppy

This is not really an ideal situation when getting a young dog, and a question often asked by new dog owners is about how to house train a puppy when you are working full time.

As I mentioned, it is not ideal to bring a puppy into your home if there is no one around to give it companionship (and boundaries) during such a formative time.

My first recommendation would be to THINK HARD about whether the time is right to get a dog in the first place and that you take time to choose the right type of dog.

House Training A Puppy

Set aside your own emotions (and perhaps, also, pressure from the kids) and work out if you have the time necessary to give a dog the training needed. Ask yourself these questions:

- Will I really have the patience to not get annoyed if I come home from a hard day at the office and have to clean up dog mess?

- Can I find time during working hours to come home and let the dog out?

- If Not, is there someone who can do it for me?

If you are able to honestly answer yes to them, then you can learn how to house train a puppy and be able to teach your dog other lessons that need to be taught.

House Training A Puppy

Here are my five steps on how to house train a puppy when you are working:

1) Plan everything with military precision, right down to the time of year you get your dog.

Bring her home during the summer months, so that you are not inclined to rush the outside toilet time.

2) Bring your new puppy home during a period When your working life be less hectic - ideally when you have a couple of weeks holiday.

 That would be most ideal, as puppy house training can be completed in just a couple of weeks when done properly.

3) If you cannot get time off, plan it so that your older kids are off school so they can help with the training while you are out at work.

4) Discuss the training regime with other family members so that the training is consistent, even if the trainer is different!

5)Because time will be a major factor, read up on the most effective techniques by signing up for a training course before you get your dog.

This will mean you can house train a puppy when you are working with as little stress and hassle as possible.

I have created a lens on Squidoo specifically about house training dogs, so you will also be able to get some tips by visiting there.

Potty training your puppy is not that difficult. If you combine the latest techniques with my additional tips on how to house train a puppy when you are working, both you and your dog will have a great life together.