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Puppy Obedience Training – Teach Your Puppy To Sit

Puppy obedience training doesn’t have to be all hard work and you should begin training your puppy with some very simple lessons.

Puppy Obedience Training
Puppy Obedience Training

One of the first really easy things you can teach your puppy is to SIT. Your puppy will normally sit quite naturally so try this one out.

First of all make sure you have your puppy’s full attention. Have some treats in your pocket.

Show your puppy a treat and let him have a quick sniff at it but not eat it.

Hold the treat just over his head but high enough so he cannot reach it. Your puppy’s natural tendency will be to sit.

As he is going into the sit, say “sit” and “good boy” (or girl) and give him the treat.

You can practice this a few times. If your puppy does not sit you can push his bottom onto the floor and say “sit” and “good boy”. After a few times he will latch onto the idea of sit.

Remember to give your puppy lots of praise when he gets this right.

A word of warning, only give your puppy small treats for this exercise.

Puppy Obedience Training

If you are practicing this quite a few times in one day, a large amount of treats will end up making your puppy sick.

So keep a check on the amount of treats your puppy is getting.

You could also try this when you are about to give your puppy his food.

Hold the food bowl just above his head so he cannot reach it and when he goes to sit, say “sit” and “good boy” and then put his food bowl on the floor so he can eat it.

Never lose your temper with your puppy or shout at him if he gets things wrong.

If you feel you are losing patience, take a break and try again later when you are feeling calm.

In time your puppy will soon get the hang of sit and then you and your puppy can move on to the next puppy obedience training exercise.