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Training Your New Puppy Is A Family Affair

 Training Your New Puppy Is A Family Affair

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Puppy Training 

Most puppies are very smart. They seem to know which family member to choose that they will think that they can train the easiest. Most of the time the puppies will try to train the humans instead of the humans being able to train the puppy, but you don’t have to let that happen in your family. As humans we must start training the puppy the moment that they are brought into the family. You will need to have the whole family on the same page when you get a new puppy. You will want to set the boundaries and have all the family members do the same thing with the puppy. Set the boundaries that you want your puppy to obey will be the most important step in training a new puppy.

Being consistent with the puppy with all members of the family will be important to the puppy so that he will know from the start what acceptable behavior in the family is. Everyone wants a well behaved dog when people come to visit or when you are walking the dog out in public. Everyone in the family must abide by the same rules when it comes to puppy training. If you do not want the new puppy on furniture then everyone must work together to keep him off the furniture. The puppy will only be confused if some members of the household will allow him on the furniture and others won’t.

Your Puppy will need toys. Make sure that you puppy has plenty of his own toys. Puppies need to chew so make sure that they have their own toys that they can play with. The one thing that you don’t want to give them is old shoes, they do not know the difference between old shoes and your expensive dress shoes to a small puppy it’s all the same, a chew-toy.

Exercise is important to the puppy. This will help them learn better and learn to walk on the leash, and this will also give them quality time with family members. Exercise will also help them work off excess energy that they have. It also is important to socialize them with other animals and other people. The sooner you can get your puppy out to get meet other pets and people the better. You don’t want to isolate your dog then introduce them to other animals as he matures, he will be fearful and maybe even aggressive. Walk your puppy daily will teach him how to walk on a leash and how to get along with others.

You may want to consider is obedience training for your puppy. This can make a difference to your puppy, if you are unable to teach your puppy manners you may want to look for assistance with a professional trainer to help you control your puppy. This is especially true with big dog breeds. You want big dog breeds to be especially well behaved and under your control at all times. There are many classes available for obedience training in all areas.

Bringing in a new puppy into your family is a great way to teach children responsibility and to begin the first of many years with your new friend and member of the family. Make sure that your puppy gets off to the right start by talking with your family on how you will raise your puppy to be a welcomed member of your family.