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Teach Your Puppy To Speak

Puppy Obedience Training can begin straight away and one of the easiest things is to teach your puppy is to speak.

Teaching your puppy to speak or bark on command is a good idea because it will put you in control of your puppy’s barking.

It is only natural for puppies to want to bark, it is their way of communicating and expressing themselves.

But sometimes you could find your puppy is barking excessively.

This can cause problems and become a nuisance to you and your neighbours, so put yourself in control and teach your puppy to bark on your command.

Teach Your Puppy To Speak
Teach Your Puppy To Speak

Make sure you have your puppy’s full attention and get your puppy to sit.

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Have a treat in your hand and show it to your puppy but don’t let her have it. Hold the treat high above your puppy’s head and say “speak”. Say the word “speak” in an excited voice.

Sometimes you will find your puppy tries to jumps up and grab the treat. If so tell your puppy “no” and get her to sit and try again.

At some point your puppy will get frustrated and bark, as soon as she barks, say good girl (or boy) and give her the treat.

When I first tried this with my puppy her first her bark came out very muffled but I gave her the treat anyway and next time I tried it her bark came out louder and stronger as she came to understand what I wanted her to do.

You could also try this when you are playing ball with your puppy. Throw the ball and when she brings it back and wants you to throw it again, get her to speak first and then throw the ball again.

If your puppy becomes over excited and continues barking, say “no more” or some other command in a firm voice and walk away.

Just ignore your puppy until she calms down again.