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One vital aspect of puppy obedience training is teaching your puppy to come. Teaching your puppy to come to you when called is very important.

Teach Your Puppy To Come
Teach Your Puppy To Come

 There are all types of potential dangers in the outside world, like your puppy running out into traffic or chasing cars or simply running off and getting lost.

I once nearly lost my puppy because she managed to slip outside when somebody called at the house.

I was in the process of teaching her to come and luckily enough when I spotted her running down the street, she did come back when I called her.

This was a scary experience that could have ended in disaster, but happily I did manage to get her back again safely.

If I hadn’t have been training her to come, she would have probably ignored me and ran off.

So how to teach your puppy to come:

First of all get your puppy familiar with her own name. When you are speaking to your puppy always call her by her name.

This way when you are training her to come, you could say “Megan come”. Keep the command short but speak in a firm commanding voice and always use the same words.

If you use different commands your puppy will get very confused.

You could try this exercise in the garden and get a friend or family member to help you.

Get your friend to take your puppy about 30 feet away from you and then call your puppy to come to you.

When your puppy comes, give her a small treat, lots of praise and hugs.

Always give your puppy the treat when she comes, even if it takes her a long time to come to you.

When you have practised this enough times so that your puppy comes to you every time you call her, you can increase the distance between you.

A word of warning, never ever call your puppy to come to you and then tell her off.

You must make coming to you a very pleasurable experience for your puppy.

You can also practice this exercise indoors throughout the day. For example if you are in the kitchen and your puppy is in the living room, just call her to you.

Always give her praise and cuddles for coming to you. You can gives treats also but when your puppy is used to coming to you when called, you can gradually dispense with the treats.

Teaching your puppy to come to you when you call her will take time and patience.

But remember it will be worth it in the end when you have an obedient puppy that will always come to you on command.

This really is important for your puppy’s safety and welfare.