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Puppy Obedience Training - 5 Steps for a Good Start

 Puppy Obedience Training - 5 Steps for a Good 

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puppy training

Training your puppies can be a challenging task but the rewards are good as well. Of course, a well-trained pet is one that most pet owners want but this will also be your responsibility. Before even owning a pet and before even bringing your puppy at home, it is always important that you know your responsibility as a pet owner and you have to make sure that you will be able to do your responsibility to your pet.

For a puppy obedience training to be successful, here are simple steps to help you start with your training.

1. Start early with your obedience training.Like a teaching a child, it is often advantageous that you are teaching your dog early as this means it has not yet started making bad habits. Of course, it is a lot easier to teach someone who has not yet learned something. Right after bringing your pet home, it is important that you start right away with your training. You may want to start with obedience training and then do the potty training to help your pet establish good behavior and habits at home.

2. Train your pet to recognize his name. You may not be able to get his attention right away especially if you are giving him a new name, and this will make the training a little difficult as well. You may want to call him with his new name frequently to be able to let him familiarize with the name at first before giving him instructions.

3. Start developing commands for your obedience training. Be sure to be consistent with them. You commands may be single-word commands and make sure that they are given in a way where you can get his attention and follow the order. Being consistent with your commands is important. You cannot train your puppy to do exactly the same thing with different commands, thus make sure that you strictly stick with the commands and be consistent with them.

4. Establish a schedule for your day to day training. Dogs are animals of habit and if you want to make your puppy obedience training effective right from the start, you may want to establish a schedule that will help your dog stick to the schedule for the training. The more you are consistent with the schedule as well as the commands, the easier it will be for the animal to make everything a habit and that helps a lot in being able to make the training more effective and systematic.

5. Be patient. Do the training each day and at every set schedule to make it more effective andstick with your schedule. You have to do the puppy obedience training day by day without skipping a schedule. This way, you will be able to make everything consistent and effective as well. Without cutting the focus and concentration of the animal towards the training, it will also help your pet learn more easily as well.