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Dog Obedience Training Styles

Most traditional dog obedience training can be categorized into two big categories or dog obedience training styles. They are ‘treat training’ and ‘aggression’.

Dog Obedience Training
Dog Obedience Training

Treat Training

Treat training is where the trainer uses treats as a tool to induce the dog or puppy to do something he or she desires.

For example, if the trainer is teaching the dog or puppy to obey basic commands such as sit, go/leave or down he or she may withhold a treat until the dog obeys then he or she hands over the treat only when the puppy or dog obeys.

This is done in repetition until the dog learns to obey these commands without a treat.

Most dog trainers advise against use of treats in dog obedience because it is like bribing the dog.

The dog may learn to only obey your commands when there is an imminent threat but will ignore you when there isn’t one.

The goal of obedience training is not to get your dog to obey you only when you have presents with you but to obey you every time you command him to do something.


The other method is the use of punishment to push the dog to obey the owner.

The trainer may scream shout or sometimes use physical punishment.

This method was used by past trainers and clueless present day trainers.

The modern day professional trainers discourage the use of pain to gain dogs obedience.

Using aggression in dog obedience training only causes him or her to fear you. It creates a gap between you and him or her.

The dog will only obey you because he or she is scared you will punish him or her.

It is advisable not to use this method as it could easily lead to violation of animal rights that may end up getting you arrested and your dog ownership license revoked.

The Modern Approach

Dog Obedience Training Styles Modern day professional trainers do not use aggression in their training.

They learn to understand the dogs’ behavior and use it to teach the dog to choose to obey them than to force them to obey.

This method is more ideal than the previous two because it works both in the short run and in the long run.

A dog that was taught obedience through instilling some kind of force will after a while forget and refuse to obey unless you revert to screaming and beating him or her.

The same applies to treat training the dog may over time refuse to obey when he sees that the treats are not coming with his obedience.

 Modern trainers have devised ways that helps communicate with dogs to get them to choose to obey the owners’ commands.

This method guarantees dogs obedience for a lifetime.

Having a dog that obeys you will save you a lot and make of money and trouble.

He or she will behave when around your friends, be cool when you taking him for a walk, cease from destroying property in the house and keep you out of trouble with the authorities.