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How To Train Your Dog in Obedience

 Arguably one of the most important lesson in dog training is how to train your dog in obedience.

Dog obedience training
Dog obedience training

Dog obedience training is responsible for getting your dog in the proper behavioral state.

That includes him or her behaving properly when your friends come over to visit you.

Him restraining from jumping on them or biting on their clothes, stopping doing something bad when you order him to, sitting and getting down when you instruct him to.

Getting your dog in this state doesn’t happen by accident. You have to work on it step by step.

It takes time, patience, and repetitive sessions to get your dog to understand obedience and act decently.

Some dogs learn faster than others. Some take weeks others a year or more. If your dog takes longer than usual to learn obedience, you shouldn’t worry.

Maybe you have been doing it the wrong way. Maybe it is the methods you are using that are wrong.

Dogs love operating in packs. They have been Pack animals since the early days before they were domesticated.

Operating in packs is in their nature. It is this character that helps them take care of their kind.

Even human beings have this character we operate in packs we call ‘family’ our husbands and wives, children and relatives or even neighbors and friends make the pack members.

We look after them, protect them every time they are threatened. We have the head of the pack.

Say the head of the family, that person that always stand out among us. The person who has earned our respect and that one we have pledged our loyalty to.

Pack Mentality

Understanding the basics of pack mentality is critical to any attempts to train your dog obedience.

Dog obedience training involves you, the dog owner, infiltrating the dogs pack and taking over the pack leadership from the dog that holds that position.

Even when you only have one dog he has his own pack although he doesn’t have followers.

He makes his own rules, marks his own territory and guards it. Dogs are not foolish to just follow anyone’s commands.

Just like us human beings we can’t just elect anyone to lead us. Dogs follow the character in the pack that exhibits strength and power.

A weak pack leader does not last long. He faces rejection and revolt in the pack and if he or she is not careful his or her rule is overturned and he or she is relegated to being a follower.

You can’t risk this with your dog. You can’t let him or her be the one that decides what he does and what he doesn’t.

Remember he is a canine. And humans, to a canine, are competition for resources.

If cannot get him to obey him he will act aggressively towards your human friends and strangers on some occasion biting them or scaring them.

He might also show aggression towards other dogs and behave indecently when in public.

This is why you have to ensure you master how to train your dog in obedience.

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