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Puppy Obedience Training

Puppy obedience training is essential for any pet owner who wants to have a well behaved pet which can be allowed around people.

Puppy Obedience Training
Puppy Obedience Training

Puppy Obedience Training

We have all known pet owners who allow their puppy or dog to jump all over friends and family, or owners who tolerate aggressive behavior, which creates a belief by the dog that they are the alpha, or the one in charge.

This can be annoying, and in terms of aggressive behavior it can be serious or deadly, especially if there are children in the home.

 Aggressive behavior in a puppy or dog should never be tolerated under any circumstances, and if food or a toy is causing aggression then it should be removed for a little while.

Basic obedience training for puppies includes the five basic commands, which are sit, stay, come, heel, and down.

A common misconception is that obedience training for your dog will turn it into a dog who is always well behaved and never has behavior problems, but this is not true.

Puppy obedience training will help your dog to understand and obey commands, but only when you give these commands.

A dog may quit jumping on someone when you say down, but if the command is not given the dog may very well jump up.

There are two different ways that puppy obedience training can be done. Either you can train your puppy on your own or you can pay for a dog trainer or obedience school.

If you have any problems with control or anger than it is a good idea to use a trainer or obedience class.

Obedience training is one form of behavior training, but this does not guarantee that your dog can always be trusted when you are not around to speak the commands to the puppy.

Obedience training is one tool in your arsenal to train and teach your dog with.

It is an important part of training for your puppy so they understand the basic commands and can follow them.

It is important that your dog is never hurt during training, and hitting or yelling is never an acceptable.

This will only set back the learning done by your puppy and can affect the way your puppy views you as well.