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Puppy toilet training is the most important process after getting a new puppy.

Puppy Toilet Training
Puppy Toilet Training

Puppy Toilet Training

Training the puppy properly depends on how much time the owner has to spend with the puppy.

If you still have small children who need care, it would not be a very good decision to get a new puppy, as you might not have time or patience to deal with the messes and the training.

The first thing you should always remember is to never hit or use force as punishment for an accident.

Animals can not talk, so they will not be able to verbally let you know when they have to go to the bathroom.

You will have to observe their habits in order to know the signs. Always take them out after naps, meals, and play time.

Puppies are small, and so are their bladders, so they will probably need to go out every hour or so at first.

Puppy toilet training can be very simple, or it can be a very hard and aggravating process.

There are many ways to train your puppy, and you never know at first which one will work best. Always remember you can try other methods if the first one fails.

If you have a fenced in yard it will be easier for you to housebreak your puppy. Put the puppy in the fenced in yard when they show signs of needing to use the bathroom.

When they do go potty you need to give them a lot of praise. Remember to take them out regularly, or else they might think outside is only for play.

At night time you should always keep your puppy in a crate or kennel, not only to keep your house clean but also to protect your puppy from any household dangers.

Another way to puppy toilet training is to get newspapers and place them by the door which the puppy will be using to go outside.

After the puppy gets up from a nap, eats a meal, or gets done playing you should pick them up gently and place them on the newspaper. Be patient because it might take a minute for them to go.

When they do eliminate, praise them and give them a treat. After the puppy consistently uses the newspaper then place the paper outside.

 Remember to take your puppy out regularly so you will reduce the amount of accidents.

After some time, just simply remove the newspaper, and your puppy should start using the outside as a bathroom.