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Dog pooping in the house?

 When a family decides to bring a puppy into the home it is a big responsibility, especially since someone will have to take ownership of getting the pet acclimated into the home environment.

Dog pooping

One of the biggest tasks is housetraining a puppy. Although someone will have to take the lead, everyone will have to participate in these activities.

Therefore, there are some things that everyone in the household should know.

How long does it take to housetrain a puppy?

The average time for house training a puppy is dependent upon several factors including the age of the puppy, the bladder and the time the pet owner spends at home.

Which means, the time frame can range from approximately several days, several weeks or several months.

For instance, when the pet owner is training a large size dog, it take may take several weeks to complete the training.

On the other hand, if it is a smaller sized puppy, the owner may have to spend several months to complete its training.

Every dog is considered to be an individual so the owner will have to use this time as an average only instead of using it is a firm commitment.

Why does a puppy poop in the house?

Initially the main reason for your pet using the house as a toilet is because it has gotten away with it scott free the first time.

From this time onward your pet has picked its spots and can easily identify them by smell.

This is why it is very important that you should clean up these little mishaps and try to scrub the area initially to take away any scent.

Once the puppy has been trained, the pet owner will not expect the litte dog to start pooping in the home again.

However, dog pooping in the home can start again and for a variety of different reasons including changes in the puppies diet.

For instance, when his or her diet is changed, it can trigger problems with diarrhea.

Which means, the little dog may have problems with holding their stools before they can exit the home.

In these situations, the pet owner should make sure they are taken outside after each meal.

This should be done until these problems can be resolved. A trip to the vet can also help with expediting and finding a viable solution.

Dog Poop?

How to Potty Train a Puppy!

Presently, there are many different recommendations for potty training a puppy and they can be found on various online sites.

While some of the recommendations can expedite the process, others require more patience.

Two of the main keys to housetraining a puppy and ensuring that he is potty trained correctly and quickly is paying attention to the young dog and providing praise.

For instance, when the dog begins to sniff around the door and begins to squat, it is important for the pet owner to move swiftly to the door.

Once the event is complete, the pet owner should provide consistent praise.

Five Reasons for Dog Pooping in the house

Again many times a pet owner can become very frustrated with their dog, especially when they start pooping around the home.

Most pet owners, however, usually have more patience if it is a young dog because they may have accidents in their beginning days. Some of the reasons for this are,

1; Separation anxiety in dogs

2;Changes in dog Surroundings

3; Changes in medication

4; Illness

5;Changes to dog diet.

On the other hand, one remedy to this is for the owner to start routine punishment by holding back certain dog treats and privileges.

 Although this may be the first response to the problem, it is important for all pet owners to know that dog pooping can begin around the home again at any age.

It is important that the owner commences dog obedience training immediately if this should happen.

These changes in dog behaviour are often due to a variety of different reasons as mentioned earlier.

Each of these reasons should be addressed on a case-by-case basis and a follow-up with a vet can also help with resolving some of the issues.