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Important Questions And Doberman Facts That You Should Know

Of course you are probably aware of the basic Doberman facts such as that they have a strong athletic body.

Doberman Facts

 A genius intelligence level and they like to show a lot of teeth however, there is a lot more to these dogs that you should know before you decide to bring one home. 

 Below are the top asked questions and Doberman facts regarding this unique breed.

Why are Dobermans so stubborn and pushy?

Doberman Pinschers have been bred with natural instincts to be the alpha dog.

If you allow a Doberman to take this position in your home, you will have a lot of behavioral issues to deal with.

If this breed is trained properly, they know their place in the home and who’s in charge.

Interestingly, the stubborn characteristics actually makes these dogs obedient when they have a proper leader.

Do all Dobermans bite?

It is more fair to say that Dobermans are willing to bite if they feel threatened or if they feel that they need to protect their owner.

Most Doberman facts are false that portray this breed as viscous and prone to attacking.

Many Dobermans make it through their whole life and never bite anyone, especially ones that are properly trained.

Also, Dobermans are very easy to read with their body postures so they give a lot of warning when they feel cornered or that they need to attack.

Are Dobermans difficult to train?

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to Doberman facts is that because of their aggressive nature, they are difficult to train.

 This is completely false. Dobermans are bred to be trained to handle difficult and stressful situations.

However, they are challenging as a puppy because although they are confident, obedient and intelligent, this works a bit against you until they realize that you are the leader.

Doberman Facts

Is it safe to rescue a Doberman?

It is important if you rescue a Doberman to be familiar with the breed, training and all available Doberman facts.

Unfortunately, a lot of these dogs are mistreated or never trained properly so you never really know what you are getting when you adopt one.

That being said, a Doberman is trainable at any age and deserves a home as much as any other shelter dog.

Some people rescue a Doberman and never have one problem because they are willing to provide the dog with the love and companionship that he wants.

Always be 100 percent sure that you can handle the task before bringing home a Doberman and then returning it because you can’t handle it.

This is very damaging to an already stressed out dog.

Are Dobermans a danger to children?

A Doberman puppy can be easily trained to behave around children, the challenge is teaching the children to behave around the dog.

They must be taught to treat the dog with respect and they should have an active hand in training the dog basic commands.

Children should never put their hands in your Doberman’s food bowl or attempt to take away a treat.

You may be surprised at just how loving this breed can be to your children.

Is it true that Dobermans will turn on you?

Although many people accuse Dobermans of turning on them, it is rarely without reason.

One of the most important Doberman facts that you should learn is that you get out of training what you put into it.

If you treat your dog properly, become the leader and teach basic obedience, your dog will really not have a reason to turn on you.

 However, if you neglect or abuse your dog, there is a good chance he will bite you out of fear.

If you truly love and respect your dog, you will receive the same treatment in return.