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3 Tips On House Training a Puppy – Get Started The Right Way

 3 Tips On House Training a Puppy – Get Started The Right Way

House Training a Puppy
House Training a Puppy

Just when you thought it was safe to go home, you walk inside and take off your coat.  Then you walk into the living room and you see it. Yep your puppy has gone to the bathroom on your rug… again. So for what seems to bee the fifth time this week, you clean up his mess. You then decide you are sick of doing this and your house training isn’t working. You then start searching for some tips on house training a puppy. You get to work and find these tips to be very effective.

The reason they are effective is that even though they are simple, these tips on house training a puppy are the right way to train. When you start out, the first thing you should know is that training takes patients. You must continue to do it day in and day out in order for it to be effective. To get you started, I’ve provided 3 tips on house training a puppy.

1. Praise your puppy. Praise is the one way your puppy will know for sure that he is doing what you want. So when you take him outside to his bathroom spot, you should praise him happily while he is doing his business. This will encourage your puppy to do it again.

2. Realize your puppy will make mistakes. If your puppy gos in the house during his first few weeks of training, do not scold him. Instead, clean up the mess and say nothing. Silence inside and praise outside will help your puppy figure out what is right and what is wrong. You should also disinfect the area that they made the mistake with a pet urine deodorizer or it will leave a scent that your puppy will pick up, and will end up going to the bathroom there again.

3. You should also have a set time that you feed your puppy. Feeding him at the same time every day and then taking him outside to do his business will establish a routine for your puppy and he will be more incline not to go in your house.

As you can see from these tips on house training a puppy, praise and routine are very important for your puppy. You should continue praising when they go outside, and after a few weeks you will see improvement. If you happen to catch him going to the bathroom in your house after the first couple of weeks, you should respond with a firm “NO” and bring him outside.This will help your puppy realize his mistake, and soon you will have a well trained dog. There are many more tips on house training a puppy, but these should get you started.

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