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Doberman Puppy Training


Doberman Training
Doberman Puppy Training

The period from birth to three months is the most important in the life of a Doberman puppy. This is where he will learn about himself, their littermates, and the world around him. Find out what’s fun and dangerous. The more freedom you allow your Doberman puppy to investigate their surroundings, the more their brain will evolve. It is easier to train a puppy that is happy and alert.

The dog, during the first weeks of his life, does not see or hear. It uses thermal sensors to the nose to locate the mother. Two weeks later, the eyes open. He can put himself on all fours and get up off the floor. In the third week since the dog can move in the desired direction. The sixth week the dog, confident, is now ready to investigate the world around them.

Let the puppy meet everyone

Make sure that your puppy knows as many people as possible. Ask friends to knee to greet him, helping to curb their tendency to jump. Advise them to not look at the puppy, there is often a reaction of excitement. Reward the calm that the dog shows with a treat.

Whenever possible, introduce your dog to other species they may encounter every day. It should be done before the puppy reaches twelve weeks. After that age, it takes extra care so that neither the innate predatory instinct nor his fear of unknown animals is stimulated.

With permission from your veterinarian or local Kennel Club, organize or participate in weekly meetings between dogs. In these casual gatherings, the dogs soon learn to deal with other dogs and strangers.

Spend part of your daily time to give your dog at home, some physical and mental activity that stimulates him, it is a very important part of the Doberman puppy training. Strengthen the bond between you and your dog through play is not only enjoyable but also helps to reinforce basic obedience. When the dog obeys a command, reward him immediately with a caress or encouraging words.

Discourage bad habits

Encourage good habits. It is possible that certain peculiarities, such as ordering food and draw attention with his paw, a dog to be poignant, but fads are unacceptable in an adult dog. To train your Doberman, resist, therefore, the temptation to encourage such behavior. If you walk with a dog on the lap, the dog will think that they would have the same treatment as in adults, when they feel insecure.

Fears and phobias

Supervise all activities of your Doberman puppy to avoid, at best, frightening situations. Fears developed at an early age, if not quickly exceeded, may evolve into lasting phobias.

Doberman Puppy Training Equipment

Make sure that the accessories are suitable for the size of your puppy. You will need a long leash for training and a leash to walk normal. The round baskets, lined beds are ideal, while the cages lined with newspaper help control domestic training. Do not forget to replace the collar to go along with the growth of the dog.

The simple collars are best for most dogs. Gift him an identification plate or a pipe thread for the same purpose, with your telephone number in case the animal is lost. The half-throttle collars are ideal for dogs with little turbulence and concentration. The chains are useful when throttle is used correctly, but never should be used in breeds with delicate tracheas.

Play With Your Doberman Puppy

Make constructive games with your dog providing the mental and physical stimulation that he badly needs, playing should be part of Doberman puppy training. The dog is, by nature, always alert, so the lack of activity leads to boredom and bored dogs can become destructive. After playing with the dog, make sure to save objects. The animal quickly realizes that the objects belong to the owner and that he will only use it with his owner.

For a young dog, active and healthy, play catch with a toy or a ball-type disc, is an exciting game. Note, however, that the physical demands of games like these can be dangerous if your dog is old or the dog is overweight. This type of Doberman training games helps your authority because the dog depends on you for throwing the toy.

The game of measuring forces should only be done when your dog learns to drop an object on your order, so first use your Doberman puppy training methods to teach your dog to obey a dropping order, and only then you can do this game. Use only resistant toys that are suitable for this purpose. Do not do this game with dominant or possessive dogs because they can react aggressively.

If you like jogging, train your Doberman puppy to follow you by your side. The exercise routine will gain a new dimension. Most dogs find this “game” very nice, although the older ones may get tired before the owners.

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