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Golden Retriever Puppy Training


Golden Retriever Puppy Training
Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Golden Retriever puppy training is a very important process in the life of your puppy. You will want to start training your puppy as soon as you get them. The younger the puppy is when you start the training, the better, because younger puppies do not have old habits that you will have to break.

Golden retrievers usually do better when they have a routine. If you take your puppy on walks, make sure to walk them around the same time every day so they will pick up on the routine. Make a big effort to take your puppy outside on a regular basis, and soon they will start responding when you take them out.

To start your golden retriever puppy training, you will need to make sure you can set aside almost all of your time for the new puppy. If you can not spend this much time, then you might want to wait to get your golden retriever until you have more time.

The number one thing you should always remember about the training process is that no matter how much your puppy does wrong, you should never use any force to punish them. Always use positive reinforcement.

Commands like sit, lay, stay, come, and give are very essential to golden retriever puppy training. When you teach a puppy these commands, they will start to listen to you so you can have better control of your dog. You can even teach them easy words like potty or outside, speak, and shake.

Always remember puppies should never be given anything besides puppy food. When you give a puppy the food off your plate, they get a taste of something they can not resist, which ultimately will result in disappearing food from the table.

If you do give them an occasional snack, always make sure to place it in their food dish, so they don't get confused about where their food comes from. Always praise your puppy when they do good, and eventually they will start to catch on. Also, remember that your puppy is going to be with you for up to twenty years, so training them well while they are a puppy is essential.