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Puppy House Training


Puppy Crate Training
Puppy House Training

Puppy House Training

This website is dedicated for anyone interested or seeking guidance on how to train puppies. If you are looking for non-violent and dog/puppy friendly training methods, then you have come to the right place!

In this site, you can find many articles regarding various dogs and puppies training techniques, dog behaviour problems, as well as several reviews on some of the best dog training guide in the market.

You have made the right decision by searching on how to train your puppy effectively. Having an untrained dog can be a serious cause of stress and problems in your life.

Thus, training your dog since the early age will help prevent upcoming problems and also improve the relationship between you and your pooch. Even if your dog is already an adult, it is never too late to train him/her.

Puppy House Training

House training is the first stage of any dog training, and your puppy need it from the moment s/he set its paws in the house. The key to successful puppy house training is very simple in essence; you must be patient and consistent. Getting angry when your puppy does not get it will not do you or your puppy any good. Just be patient and do it regularly and consistently until he is familiar on the routine.

Puppy Crate Training

Crate training is a great way to teach your dog where to pee (and poo) and where not to. A crate must function as a safe place in the mind of your dog, instead of a punishment. Make sure that the crate will be big enough to accommodate your dog when he is fully grown.

Dogs do not like to do their business on the places they slept in. Thus, your puppy will not relieve himself in the crate unless you leave him in the crate for a very long time.

Observe Your Puppy’s Behaviour

Keep a close eye on your puppy when he is loose in the house. If he starts sniffing around the floor, he is probably going to do his business, so you better take him to the potty place immediately. If you actually catch him in the act reprimand him with a NO and take him outside and let him finish. When he does praise him and give him a treat.

Establish a routine

Take your dog out at the same times every day and always praise him when he does his business in the designated area. Eventually your dog will learn to hold it until that time.