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3 Quick Simple Steps to Dog Leash Training

 3 Quick Simple Steps to Dog Leash Training

Dog Leash Training
Dog Leash Training

Do you find dog leash training difficult? If your answer is yes, then, we can help you. As you read the rest of the article, you will learn that training your pet on a leash can be easy by just following some simple steps that we will provide for you.

Since dogs learn through a set of patterns, the first thing you need to consider is to make your pet get used to something at an early age. As they say that old dogs are hard to learn new tricks. The reverse is equally very true. So with that, you can read along on the quick steps to dog leash training.

1st Step

There is really no short-cut to make your dog learn and follow to what you want. But the sure key to it is the gradual way of making your pet get used to something. The first step then to dog leash training is to get the puppy used to wearing a collar.

When a collar is first introduced to the puppy, he will most often try to get it off of his neck by scratching at it, rolling around, or trying anything it can do to remove the strange thing around its neck.

It can be painful to watch this process but it is important not to remove the collar till the puppy has calmed down and becomes distracted by something else. This getting used to technique for your dog may take a while till it becomes natural for the dog having the collar.

2nd Step

The next important step is applied with the same principle to that of the step one. The leash should be attached to the puppy’s collar and let the puppy drag it around with him for a while, or play with it for a time. Till later, the pet will soon forget about the leash and get used to it just as the pet did to the collar. There is a caveat though to be strictly observed. Don’t ever leave your puppy alone while the leash is attached to it especially at this stage as it could lead to some accident.

3rd Step

The third and final step is to start leading your dog carefully by its leash and walk it around for a while. You need always to make sure that the leash is not too tight around your pet’s neck. If, however, your dog manages to get off from the leash, it would be advisable to repeat the process of this step till the pet get a natural feel with its leash. It is also of great help to let your dog know of your appreciation of its learning progress by a show of your affection. In this way, you are not just teaching a dog leash training but also spending a quality time with your pet.

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