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The Secrets to Golden Retriever Training

 The Secrets to Golden Retriever Training

Golden Retriever Training
Golden Retriever Training

The secrets to Golden Retriever Training are not really a secret. Golden Retrievers are very friendly, bright, and playful pets and to train them can be a very easy task for you. Golden Retriever Training That is if you possess considerable knowledge and ways on how to train them the right way.

Since this kind of breed has a higher level of learning compare to other animals, its intelligence may sometimes also become a sort of a setback when it becomes time to teach the pet anything. The following simple tips below can surely help you during your training sessions with your pet.

Set up House Rules for Your Pet

As early as possible, you need to establish a rule for your Golden Retriever. For instance, through a repeated act, you can form a habit to your pet in knowing the exact place to go when the pet needs to dispose its waste.

Most owners want the dogs to learn to potty outside, and this can be accomplished most effectively by using a crate. Crates provide a safe, comfortable place for your dog to sleep, and can be a positive tool in helping your pup learn to control his bladder and bowels.

 Most dogs will not go to the bathroom in the same spot where they sleep, so by keeping your pup in a crate for short periods of time, he will learn to hold his urges until you take him outside. Once he does his business in the appropriate spot, you can lavish him with praise to reinforce the Golden retriever training.

Work on Your Pet’s Biting and Chewing Nature

Buy appropriate toys for biting and chewing for your dogs. As natural for dogs, they check out the world around them with their mouths, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to use those mouths when playing with their owners. An important aspect of Golden retriever training is to teach your dog that it is not acceptable to “mouth” or nip at you or any family member during playtime.

Golden retrievers also have a tendency to chew on the nearest object, whether it is their favorite bone or your favorite shoe. Dogs who are not given ample attention, or who are left to their own devices for many hours during the day, are more likely to get destructive with their chewing habit. The best way to cure your pup of this bad habit is to provide plenty of appropriate toys to chew on. Make sure he also understands to leave your living room sofa and shoe wardrobe alone.

Just like any other training, teaching your Golden Retriever may take quite a bit of time and patience to successfully accomplish your goals. While Golden retrievers are intelligent and eager to please, their high energy levels can make it challenging to keep their attention during training sessions.

Try keeping sessions short and sweet, and fill them with plenty of praise and positive reinforcement whenever you can. The result to these simple secrets to Golden Retriever Training will be a well behaved dog that is a great delight to its owner for many years.

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