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What is Dog Agility Training?

What is Dog Agility Training?

Dog Agility Training?
Dog Training

 Dog agility is a sport designed for competing highly trained dogs through a large obstacle course. The race is actually designed for both time and accuracy, since some of the challenges involve allowing the dogs to jump through a small hole. Unlike other competitions wherein there are food or toys.

The competing dog handlers are not even allowed to make contact with their dog or with parts of the obstacle. This is why dog agility venues often have a perimeter fence around the obstacle course in order to hold off any external interruptions.

Competing with other highly-trained dogs is not an easy task. This is why the handlers always make their dog undergo a dog agility training, where the dogs’ speed and accuracy are maximized. What exactly is dog agility training? Here is a brief description.

In order to compete at the highest level, dogs undergo dog agility training. Dogs of all ages could undergo the process. However, extra care and caution should be taken in cases where the dog is just less than one year old in order to avoid any injuries especially to the developing bones and joints.

In dog agility training, the dog is familiarized with the various dog agility equipment. The handler makes the dog start its training in a much more simplified version of the actual equipment. Training aids are implemented in order to avoid further injuries.

The training for a particular piece of equipment is different for the training of another piece of dog agility equipment. This is what makes dog agility training a comprehensive and tiring process. Moreover, dog agility training sometimes requires a separate method of increasing the accuracy of the dogs. With careful and proper training, your dogs would surely take the competition by a storm.

Dog agility is one of the most prestigious events for dog owners and handlers. With various tests for speed and accuracy, the dogs must have the appropriate dog agility training in order to compete.

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