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Dog Agility Training Equipment


 Dog Agility Training Equipment

Agility Training Equipment
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As mentioned above, dog agility training is another area where dog training techniques come into play and as with obedience and behavioural dog training, there is an assortment of dog agility training equipment to aid one in the endeavour. Also known as dog activity training, it can include such activities as retrieving, herding or various agility performances.

Exercise is of course very important and a form of organised exercise should provide your dog with an outlet for its energy. Games will be a lot of fun for your pet and your dog should hopefully find the training excercises and games mentally stimulating. Dog agility training can be fun for both owner and dog, and the right choice of dog agility equipment will hopefully add to the enjoyment and the activity possibilities.

Among the dog agility training equipment available, items you will find may include such items as pause tables, tug toys, silent dog training whistle, rubber balls, dog agility training sets, jumps and weaves, agility training tunnels, dog agility training hurdles, jump equipment, slalom poles, agility training books, wooden training weaves, dog training clicker, flyball, agility and obedience tennis balls, digital dog clickers, clix pause mat, sit, stay,stop, trixie seesaw see saw dog agility training equipment, adjustable hurdles, slip lead, see saw, garden jumps, chute tube, cooling jacket coat, moulded plastic jump cups, wooden dumbells, dummy canvas, basic practice jumps, dog agility starter set and  even more dog agility training equipment besides.