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Doberman Training Tips

 Doberman Training Tips

Doberman Training
Doberman Training Tips

Every single dog owner has to understand that the moment dog has crossed into his living space, training has begun.

 Doberman Training Tips

We can’t choose whether we are going to train the dog today or tomorrow, the dog and especially the Doberman, who is a quick learning dog, learns all the time, so we have to pay attention for our behavior when it’s near, we have to think about not using force and acting aggressive at any cost, or it might reflect back to us as it’s adopted behavior. Once we understand this we will be able to see through different Doberman training tips, which will help us to obtain higher quality training.

Once you start training your dog it is important that you look after your dog’s behavior before and after training. Training of a Doberman can be started once your puppy has reached twelve to fourteen months, in case your dog has overgrown this age, than you might encounter undesirable traits  which has roots inside already adopted habits, previously learnt things or exercises. The main Doberman training tip you have to know here is at start you have to do everything in team of three.


Yes, you read well, a team of three means your Doberman, you and a leash, without usage of force and violence in any form. Prepare a lot of dog cookies a side as you it is a good Doberman training tip to give your Doberman adequate reward after he has done your order or exercise in a proper way. Patiently, you must show your dog what actually you want with a simultaneous physical impact.

Owing to the repetitive exercises dog connects all the stimulations, then it will hurry to execute a certain action- an exercise after it will be given the praise and a well earned reward. We direct our Doberman at correct work by using its drives such as hunting, searching or simply food.

During your walks with a dog, call your dog several times, praise him or reward him, or make a brief practice session and let him play as a reward. Don’t intend to call your dog only when your about to put him back on a leash or go home as dog will understand this as punishment and will adopt it as undesirable action and by time it will stop practicing coming to you once you’ve called it.

Doberman training tips are really important to follow since this is the fifth most intelligent breed in the world, it has high possibility of understanding things quicker than other dogs would, so you should pay attention for this and take it as how good Doberman’s feature so possible malicious one.

Pay attention when you praise your dog and reward him, you have to point the time immediately after the action for which you want to praise it, has been done. The more time passes between the action and the praise, it is higher probability your Doberman will take your praise the wrong way.

Certain exercises should be short and not to be repetitive the same day. You should stop especially when dog is performing very well, or you notice sudden advance. At the days your dog fails to do exercises well you should quit it completely or turn over to the kind of work that especially makes the dog happy more than other ones.

It is far better to make more occasional and shorter practices than rarely practice and put too much stress on your dog’s endurance. Try to make up your dog’s training plan. Remember training and breeding your dog has to be a relaxation and joy for you and useful and fun for your Doberman!

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