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Doberman Pinscher Information

Doberman Pinscher Information

doberman pinscher temperament
doberman pinscher dog

Doberman pinscher information is well explored area today since this breed has gained huge popularity since its first appearance. This breed has origins in Germany in town of Apolda, where it was found by a local guardian dogs breeder.

As story said Mr. Friedrich Dobermann was traveling a lot and he was scared off highwayman so he started to think how to create a race of a dog that would be agile, aggressive, fast and loyal enough to protect him on his local journeys. This is where he thought of new race, that we today know as a Doberman pinscher or simply Doberman. Mr. Dobermann’s final point was to create a dog strong, persistent with a hard and sharp character.

In this purpose he used all dogs that had desirable character, regarding that physical look wasn’t in a forefront, he even used “butcher” dogs, ancestors of nowadays Rottweiler. Really soon new breed became standard and well known by its character and sharpness. They have been used as guardian dogs, fighting dogs, even for big game hunting.

At start of 20th century, police took Doberman pinschers inside their ranks, and then their popularity spread worldwide. Back than, Dobermans were usually black with a yellow arson and interesting thing is that they were ears-cropped since first day but intentions to breed-up a dog with natural cropped tail simply failed.

Regarding some data they were crossed with tweezers, Greyhounds and Manchester Terriers all in purpose of increasing breed’s physical performances, for example Manchester Terriers were there to advance Doberman’s fur color and leg angle. First breed standard was written in 1899th, after death of Mr. Dobermann’s, the most impact on a Doberman pinscher information as we have it today, had gentlemen called Tischler and Mr. Goller who started first Doberman breeding club as well. Goller himself has planted breed’s distinctive features, so Doberman is to thank him for a look it has today.

Generally, Doberman pinscher information, is regarding its look. This is a medium-large dog, with a square shaped body. Weight takes up to 45 kilos for males and up to 35 for females. As standard says, body length should not exceed the height by more than 5% for males and 10% for females. Body mass is desirable, but the proportions must be kept neat, elegant. It’s a dog of a stable and sturdy nature, temperament and intelligent, one of the easiest breeds to train thanks to its high level of curiosity and intelligence.

Generally speaking, the body must be in a harmony, proportion, female’s hull may be slightly longer than male’s one. The tail is high, docked to two vertebrae. In countries where docking is prohibited, the tail is left in its natural form and must be worn over the back. Front legs are straight, perpendicular to the ground and strong. The blades are close to the chest, sloping toward the back, covered with powerful muscles. The forearm is strong and straight and it is in a line with body size.

The nature of the Doberman leads to much of a debate. A typical Doberman is a very temperamental dog, full of energy and with a great intelligence. This is certainly a Doberman pinscher information anyone would like to hear when is up to buy a new dog. Whatever you hear about Doberman try to hit contact with a dog breeder first and gain some Doberman pinscher information that won’t lead you to bad conclusion but to understand this extraordinary and beautiful dog.

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