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Doberman Training-How To Stop Dog Aggression

 Doberman Training-How To Stop Dog Aggression

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doberman dog training

Let me start by asking you two rhetorical questions on how to stop dog aggression in this Doberman training article.

1. Are you the cause of your dog’s aggression simply because you joined in?

2. When your dog is behaving aggressively, does he listen to you when you try to stop his bad behavior?

Here is the answer to these questions:

When your dog starts to act aggressively, he is in no way paying you any attention.

Your dog has decided not to listen to you, even if you try not to reinforce his behavior. To your dog, what he is doing is more important to him because he thinks it is the right thing to do. Aggression is almost always used by a dog to protect their pack and their owner’s lives.

There is a wide range of aggressive dog behaviors that we need to take into consideration– from being fearful to being dominant and everything else in between. First, you need to take a look to figure out what your dog is aggressive towards– other dogs, people, animals or even objects.

Once you have figured out the cause of the aggression, then stopping the aggression is pretty much the same. The problem is that your dog thinks that he is the pack leader. He becomes very dominant and thinks that he has to attack to protect himself and you. A dominant dog will often feel the need to attack than to just run away.

What is most important is learning how to train your dog and stopping his aggression by becoming the pack leader in your home. Once you have established that you are the pack leader, stopping the aggression will be easier for you.

Convincing your dog that you are the pack leader is very important for training your dog. This should be established outside the home as well.  You’ll notice that your dog will start to take notice of your behavior before actually becoming aggressive.

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