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Doberman Pinscher Temperament

Doberman Pinscher Temperament

Doberman Pinscher
Doberman Pinscher Temperament

 Doberman pinscher temperament is among the most interesting of all dog temperaments.

Only the fact that he is the most intelligent dog breeds speaks for itself. Pages and pages could be written only about Doberman’s curiosity, intelligence, distinctive protective feature and many others.

It is a dog bred to take big amount of stress and effort. Doberman is aggressive but not vicious, from the other side it is not stubborn but determined in its deeds. The main beauties of Doberman pinscher’s temperament are being held by its excellent physical performances and strong and sharp character features. Doberman is not a dog for everyone, and especially not for a starter, if you are thinking to buy a dog and you never bred one before, than leave Doberman for some time you will feel more experienced as this will be better decision how for yourself so for the dog.

First of all, rumors and bad propaganda has taken a huge affect on a Doberman’s bad reputation in public. Stories about big, black, aggressive dog that attacks even it’s owner when it turns seven years old are completely inaccurate and have been told by people who never had any experience with Doberman pinscher’s temperament.

Dobermans are aggressive, one can’t say they are not, but this is their nature, and we have to understand that our Doberman will show such a temperament we teach him of, if we teach him not to bite, show no aggression in work with him and make a strong bond, our Doberman will certainly show the best of it’s temperament as this is one of the most reliable and protective guardian dogs ever known, it is not a coincidence Doberman has its place in police and military ranks, so teaching your Doberman to behave as to be a part of your daily Doberman training. Doberman is highly resistant to one of the dog’s greatest enemies, while under a cub of its owner, fear.

While frightened dog can easily overreact the situation and behave completely abnormal, not obeying orders and maybe even attacking the owner. Doberman will not encounter such problems since Doberman pinscher temperament is bred to stay highly resistant to this feeling as its first purpose was meant to be guarding his master along roads full of bandits and highwayman. In this purpose Dobie was first trained to operate parallel with feeling of fear. Each owner should choose a dog regarding his own temperament and conditions he can offer to the dog.

Doberman’s temperament is highly independent, it won’t stand too much role of acting someone’s toy at least in early age. Doberman pinscher temperament will make dog lust for open space where it can run freely so in case you are looking forward to breed one, you should make sure you know a good nearby forest or a meadow where you will do occasional run outs with your Doberman since it’s physical condition and mental health goes hand by hand.

One anecdote will speak the best for Doberman pinscher’s temperament. A police officer used to have a Doberman partner, well trained and socialized as it is supposed to be one K9 dog. By time, as it grew older, Doberman got sick and he couldn’t control his wetting anymore.

Each time this would happen to him when his master was nearby Doberman was moaning and barking out loud as he tried to show he was doing something he wasn’t aloud to, and he was trying to punish himself. This is only one in a sea of stories about Doberman’s loyalty. Behave to your dog as you would behave to your friend, and it will give it back to you in the best possible way.

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