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How To Turn Your Puppy Into A Perfect Dog

 How To Turn Your Puppy Into A Perfect Dog

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How To Turn Your Puppy Into A Perfect Dog

Is it possible to raise a perfect dog? And do they exist?”  The response to this question would be the same as the answer to this question: “Does a perfect person actually exist?” The obvious answer is no. There is no such thing, right? In spite of this fact, there are some great people in the world. There are also some really amazing dogs as well. You see, there is a trick to have that amazing dog that you have always wanted.

My best advice to you:

Before you start investing in dog school to learn how to make your dog do a commando crawl, high-fives and roly-polies, you should ask yourself, “Is this what I really want my dream dog to do? Is my dream dog a circus act to impress my friends and/or other people?”

You see, you can have a well-trained performing dog, but an unruly dog when it comes to obedience training. After you have impressed your friends with these cool tricks that your dog can do, you then have to warn them. ‘’Be careful not to go too close to his food bowl when he is eating. Don’t go too close to his head when you’re trying to pet him, and keep little Billy away from his toys!”

We must shift our focus from doing commands like sit and stay, and focus on the most important things before it’s too late.

Think about it, have you ever heard of a dog being put to sleep?  (and yes, I am referring to a dog being euthanized) because they were not trained to sit on command? Or because they didn’t do a proper “roll over”? Or because they did not jump when they were told? Of course not. But yet dog owners are spending a lot of time teaching their dogs how to do these dog tricks.

 What about Dog Aggression?

Did you know that more dogs are put to sleep for being aggressive, too challenging, or for growling than any other reason? Being aggressive to owners, children, and strangers is all bad news for your dog.

An out of control dog can be very dangerous. Examples are pulling you while you’re walking them on the leash,  or ignoring you when you let them off their leash.  Also, keep in mind the dangers of seriously hurting themselves around other dogs or God forbid, running into the street and getting hit by a car.

Yet not many dog trainers are showing you how to train your dog properly because many of them don’t understand dog obedience training themselves!

I have spoken to many dog owners and their idea of a perfect dog includes these 5 important behaviors:

1. Well behaved around other animals and dogs

2. Friendly to other people and children

3. Relaxed and obedient around the home

4. Comes when they are called at the park

5. Well behaved when walking on the leash in public

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