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A Review On Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device

 A Review On Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device

Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device
doberman bark deterrent

Excessive dog barking is a common problem among dog owners. Toy dogs such as a Pomeranian can let out a small and cute bark, but dogs as big as a Doberman is another story by itself. There are many solutions available to control your dog’s barking and it is up to you to choose which one will be suitable for your pooch.

Anti-bark collars are becoming popular among pet owners and the types available can be bought from any local pet shops. But, if you don’t want your Doberman or any breed of dog to suffer from electric shock or feel uncomfortable every time the citronella spray goes off, try using Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device to discipline your pet on its annoying barking habits.

The solution

The Lenten Bark Free Device works the same way as any anti bark collar but the only difference is, the device is used outside and not worn on your Doberman’s neck.

How it works is actually amazing and the technology used for constructing the dog silences is fool proof. The barking sound is picked up by the device and once it does so, a loud beeping sound will go off to distract your dog. If you do not want your ears to pick up the beeping sound, you can set the device to let off ultrasound which can still be heard by dogs.

This works by distracting the dog from continuing their barking. The loud beeping sound is uncomfortable for them which will make them focus more on finding a place far from the source of the sound.

Set up

Setting up the dog barking silencer device is easy. After purchase, all you need to do is take it out of the box and set it up outside. The unit also comes with a plastic hood to protect it from rain but it will be safer if you do not leave it outside at all times.

The dog bark silencer is for outside use but the long plug attached to it lets you move it anywhere you like to. The frequency of the device’s ability to detect barking sounds can also be adjusted by just moving the dial. Setting the bark silencer to high sensitivity settings will make it detect even small barking sounds, while setting it to a lower sensitivity setting will activate the device when it picks up loud barking.

The verdict

The Lentek Bark Free Dog Training Device is perfect for home owners who have more than one dog. It can discipline any breed of dogs, may it be a Poodle or a big Doberman, from continuing its annoying barking habits without the use of physical or shock pulses. The dog silencing unit which comes with a one year warranty, can pick up sounds within a 25-feet radius. It will be wise to set it up somewhere near the dog house.

The Lenten Bark Free Dog Training Device is perfect for pet owners who don’t want their pets getting hurt in the process of disciplining them with their annoying barking habits. Before using one however, make sure that you know the reason behind the dog’s barking because it will be unfair for them to get punished for something they are doing for their owner’s protection.

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